If you are using a Chromebook and want to know the procedure of how to print from Chromebook then this guide might help you in certain ways. Chromebook supports the Chrome OS that makes the task easy. Chrome OS provides the best multiple layers of security to fight against all malware threats. 

Many users might don’t have an idea of printing from Chromebooks so here we are with this guide. You have to go through a three-step procedure to complete the process. Make sure to start from the first part and connect your printer to the Internet. 

How to Print from Chromebook

Printing from Chromebook involves no driver or additional software to be installed on the system. Also, the procedure to set up is simple and easy. You are just required to connect the printer to the Internet, add a Chromebook printer to Google cloud printer, and print from Chromebooks to complete the task. So, let’s get started now. 

Step 1: Establish the Internet Connection

The first requirement to set up the printer is to connect it with the Internet. You can assure this with the help of these steps. 

  • Plugin the electric cable of the printer into a nearby socket. 
  • Make sure that you power on the Printer. 
  • Choose the WiFi button from the Chromebook printer. 

chromebook printer : press the WiFi button

  • You need to wait for a few seconds until the LED light starts blinking. 
  • A wireless router always comes with a WPS button. You need to search for the same and hold it.
  • Press the WiFi button of the printer and WPS button of the wireless router within the time interval of around 2 minutes. 
  • The WiFi LED will become stable after the printer gets successfully connected 

Step 2: Add Chromebook Printer to Google Cloud Printer

Now, we will try to accomplish the second step. This step will enable you to print from any part of your home or office. Google cloud is best known for providing remote access. So, make sure to take its benefits from these steps below. 

  • To initiate, you need to turn on the Chromebook device. 
  • Thereafter, launch any of the preferable web browsers like Google Chrome. 
  • Now, choose Customize and Control Google Chrome tab from the browser window. 
  • You can locate the tab on the three dots placed vertically to the top-right corner. 

how to print from chromebook : customize chrome

  • After that, you will see various options and tabs. 
  • From there, select the Settings button. 
  • When the Setting window prompts, scroll down till you see an Advanced tab. 
  • Hit on the same tab. 
  • Scroll down the list and choose the Printing option from there. 
  • Moreover, select Google Cloud Print. 
  • Don’t forget to hit the Manage Devices button to proceed further. 
  • Again, a new window will prompt up with the Add Printers tab. 

how to add printer to chromebook

  • Make sure to hit on the same. 
  • Consequently, a list of all available printers will appear on the screen. 
  • You will get to know all the printers that are having connections with the Chromebook device. 
  • Thereafter, put a mark on the preferable printer from the list under the Every Chromebook printer option.
  • Finally, your printer establishes the connection to the Google cloud account. 
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Step 3: Print From Chromebook

You can now easily print from your Chromebook. Just do as suggested below and print as per your requirement. 

how to print from chromebook

  • To initiate, access any document and image.
  • They will be used for printing purposes on your Chromebook printer. 
  • Choose the Settings/File tab when the document appears on the display. 
  • Go through the list carefully and choose a Print option from there. 
  • Alternatively, hit these two keys CTRL + P to use the shortcut way. 
  • After that, a new display titled Printing will be shown on the screen. 
  • This window contains the print document and other related options. 
  • Therefore, choose the destination of the print. 
  • Thereafter, edit the following details such as pages per sheet, pages to print, and margins. 
  • Apart from this, click on the Chromebook printer. 
  • Consider all the appropriate tabs and choices. 
  • Likewise, move towards the Print option. 
  • Finally, you have successfully added the printer to Chromebook
  • You can now proceed with the printing tasks smoothly. 

Frequently Raised Questions

1. How can I resolve the errors that occur while the setup and usage of the Chromebook printer?

Below are provided some of the most convenient ways that will help you to resolve the error that occurs while setup and usage of Chromebook printer. 

  • Restart the printer.
  • Make sure that you sign in back to the Google account. 
  • Try to examine the ink cartridge and papers installed on the Canon printer
  • Use the updated version of the Internet browser for smooth performance. 
  • Verify that there are no compatibility issues within the printer and Chromebook. 
  • Moreover, try to delete all the unwanted files, history, and cache from the web browser. 
  • Head towards the router and reboot it for better performance. 
  • Make sure that you are using the same network for establishing a connection between the printer and Chromebook. 
  • After considering all these things, just run a test print page to judge the error’s status. 

2. Can you list down the Printers compatible with Chromebook?

Yes, there are lots of printers that you can use to print via Chromebook like Canon TS9120, Canon TR4520, Canon TS6220. Get into the list below to know their dynamicity. 

  • Canon Pixma TR4520: Gives dynamic print outputs
  • Canon Pixma TS6220: Helps in printing great and lab-quality photos. 
  • Canon Pixma TS9120: Provides 5 to 6 printouts within some seconds.

3. How to Add the Cloud-Ready Printer to the Chromebook?

  • Before proceeding ahead, just ensure that you use a cloud-based printer. 
  • Now, turn on the Chromebook printer. 
  • Make sure that it is connected to a secure network. 
  • After that, you need to go to the address bar of your chrome browser. 
  • Once done, navigate towards the Settings button. 
  • Don’t forget to choose the Advanced button. 
  • Thereafter, hit the Google cloud print. 
  • Consequently, choose Manage Devices. 
  • Then, hit the Manage tab. 
  • You will now see a new window named Cloud print. 
  • From there, hit the option titled Cloud-ready printer. 
  • Enter the specific brand of your Canon printer. 
  • Finally, just go through the onscreen guidelines to mark an end to this procedure. 

4. How to print from a USB? 

  • Switch on the Printer.
  • Make sure to insert the USB drive on the specific port. 
  • While inserting, examine the computer’s window. 
  • The window should pop up with a text of inserting the USB. 
  • Navigate towards the Menu icon. 
  • Thereafter, hit the Advanced Print button. 
  • Consequently, choose OK. 
  • Go through the documents and select any of them for printing. 
  • Again, you are required to hit OK. 
  • Designate the number of copies that you want to print. 
  • In the last, just hit the Print button. 

5. Can I connect my Chromebook to the wireless printer?

Yes, of course, you can easily connect the Chromebook to the wireless printer. Just go through the steps below to learn the procedure. 

  • To initiate, press and hold the WiFi button. 
  • Head towards the router. 
  • You may have seen the WPS button. 
  • Just hold it the light lamp flashes for one time. 
  • Once done, navigate towards the Chromebook tab. 
  • Now, you need to click on the Settings button. 
  • Thereafter, choose the Advanced button. 
  • Head towards the Printing section. 
  • Consequently, you need to choose Printers from there. 
  • Furthermore, hit the Add Printer button. 
  • Choose Add and try to connect the Chromebook. 

6. How to print from a Google Chromebook?

Below mentioned steps will help you to print from a Google Chromebook.

  • The first and foremost step is to access the document for printing. 
  • Now, head towards the Chrome Browser Settings button. 
  • Moreover, choose the Print tab. 
  • Thereafter, hit the Change button. 
  • You can find it beside the Destination tab. 
  • Consequently, select the printer that you want to use. 
  • Finally, just modify the print settings and hit the Print button. 

7. Can I connect my printer to the Internet without using the WPS button?

Yes, you can connect the printer to the internet without using the WPS button. Make sure to use the standard connection method or wired connection for establishing a connection to your printer. Either of these ways can help you to connect your printer. 

8. How to print directly from Chromebook? 

If you want to print directly from the Chromebook then these steps would help you. 

  • Make sure to connect the printer with the Cloud print. 
  • Once it is done, move towards the pages that you want to print. 
  • Hit Ctrl + P buttons to initiate the prints. 
  • Thereafter, verify the results. 

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