Canon printers are the most popular printing machines because of their high print quality and innovative designs, and almost all Canon printers are compatible with tablets and iPad. Nonetheless, most people are unaware of “how to print from ipad?”

In the latter part of this article, we will walk you through the answer to such a question, as well as gather valuable insight into using the printing machine in an error-free way.

Adding Canon printer to iPad

If you have a Canon Printer and an iPad, you may be wondering how to connect iPad to Canon Printer. But, before we get into that, let’s look at how you can add printer to ipad. Most operating systems allow you to configure printers by selecting various options from the ipad printer settings or similar menus. This is not the case with iOS devices. If you are using an iPad, you must perform the following steps to add the printer to the device:

  • Turn on your printer and check that the power LED is illuminated.
  • Open the Mail app on your iPad.
  • Tap the “Share” icon, then the “Print” icon. The “Share” option is available in the majority of iPad apps.
  • Tap “Select Printer,” then select your AirPrint-enabled wireless printer from the list of available printers.

How Do You Connect an Apple iPad to a Canon Wireless Printer?

Before we proceed how to print from ipad, ensure that both devices are connected to the same wireless network. After that, you can begin connecting the iPad to the Canon Printer. To connect the Canon Wireless Printer to your iPad, follow the steps outlined below:

How Do You Connect an Apple iPad to a Canon Wireless Printer?

  • Turn on your printer by first connecting the printer’s power adapter to an electrical outlet and then pressing the printer’s power button.
  • Because we’re using AirPrint to connect the iPad to the printer, you’ll need to unplug the printer’s Bluetooth and any other cable connections.
  • If your printer isn’t already wirelessly connected, use the printer’s menu to connect it. Ascertain that the printer is connected to the correct wireless network and that the correct Wi-Fi key has been entered.
  • Tap “Settings” on your iPad.
  • Tap on “Wi-Fi” in the upper-left corner of your screen to open the iPad’s Wi-Fi menu.
  • Make sure you’re on the same wireless network as your Canon printer.
  • Place your Canon printer near the iPad and print your documents or photos.

Printing Documents Using AirPrint

Printing Documents Using AirPrint

Unlike a traditional computer, you do not need to install or configure your Canon Printer in order to print documents. All you need to do with AirPrint is make sure your iPad is connected to the same wireless network as the printer. You can then use AirPrint to print all of your documents and photographs by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Open the document or photograph you want to print with the Canon Printer on your iPad.
  2. The printing method varies from app to app. Tap the “Reply” arrow mark in the Mail app to access the app’s “share” feature. A square with an arrow pointing upwards can be found in Safari and photos.
  3. On your iPad, select “Print” or tap the print icon.
  4. Wait until the list of available AirPrint Printers appears on the screen before tapping on the “Select Printer” option.
  5. Select your Canon Printer from the list of available options, followed by the number of copies you need to print or the printing color.
  6. To begin printing your document, select “Print.”

Alternate Way to Connect iPad to Canon Printers

Alternate ways to connect ipad to printerad to a Canon Wireless Printer?

Although we’ve already discussed how to print from ipad, there’s one more way to complete this task quickly and easily. To begin this process, you must first download the Canon Print app for your iPad. After you’ve downloaded and installed the Canon Print app, open the App Store icon on your iPad and type “Canon Print” followed by a tap on Search. After you have completed these steps, you must set up the printer by following the steps outlined below to learn how to connect Canon Printer to iPad Air:

  1. Connect the printer’s power adapter to an electrical outlet and press the printer’s power button to turn it on.
  2. Check that the green light on the printer’s power button is turned on.
  3. Examine your printer’s Wi-Fi lamp. It ought to be flashing. If the WiFi light is steady, press and hold the Wi-Fi button until the alarm lamp flashes twice. Then release the button.
  4. Tap the Canon Print icon on your iPad and follow the on-screen instructions.
  5. Now, open the Canon Print app on your iPad and select the Printer icon from the Register Printer tab.
  6. Select “Connect via Wireless Router” from the “Printer Setup” menu.
  7. You should now see a screen on your iPad prompting you to connect to WiFi.

Final Steps for connecting the iPad to the Canon Printer

After completing the preceding steps, go to the Settings menu on your iPad and then tap on the “Wi-Fi” option to connect to the Canon IJ Setup network. After connecting your iPad, open the Canon Print app and tap “OK.” To finish the process of connecting the iPad Air to the printer, go through the following steps:

  • Choose your access point or the wireless network name (SSID) from the list of available wireless networks.
  • Enter the wireless network password in the appropriate field and press the ‘OK button.
  • Once the network settings have been sent to your Canon printer, press the ‘OK button.
  • After some time, you will notice that the printer has been detected.

In contrast to traditional computers, connecting a Canon Printer to an iPad does not necessitate installing or completing the printer’s setup using the printer software. To find out how to print from ipad, you must first install the Canon Print app on your iPad. You can then add the printer ipad and proceed with the steps outlined here. Once the devices have established a connection, you can begin working on all of your documents and photographs on the iPad in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why is my Canon printer not connecting to my wifi?

Canon printers not connecting to Wi-Fi problems can occur for a variety of reasons. To fix the problem, try updating the printer driver. If the problem persists, check for network issues before uninstalling and reinstalling the printer and drivers as a last resort.

Q2. How can I print from my iPad to my Canon printer?

  • Check to see if your Apple device supports AirPrint.
  • Check that all of your devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Then, launch the application from which you want to print.
  • To find the print option, tap on the app’s share icon.
  • Scroll down and select print. If you can’t find the print option, look in the app’s user guide or help section.
  • To select an AirPrint-enabled printer, tap Select Printer.
  • Choose the number of copies to print or other options, such as which pages to print.
  • Select Print in the upper-right corner.

Q3. Why won’t my Canon printer connect to my iPad?

Ascertain that the iPad and printer are both on the same network and using the same frequency. Reset the Wi-Fi connection on the iPad. This procedure forces the iPad to search for the printer once more. To re-enable Wi-Fi, open the iPad’s settings, select Wi-Fi from the left-hand menu, and then tap the green switch to turn Wi-Fi off.

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