Printing turns out to be fun when done with the Canon printer. Not only does it smoothen the task but also provides the best-quality prints. Features like wireless connectivity enable the user to print from any device such as laptop, computer, android, and iPhone. This post helps you to connect the printer to one such device laptop. So, if you are wondering how to connect a wireless printer to a laptop then make sure to read it thoroughly. 

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Steps to Connect a Wireless Printer to a Laptop?

The procedure of connecting a wireless printer to a laptop involves three different steps like Printer’s hardware setup, network configuration, and laptop setup. You have to go through each of the steps to complete the setup procedure. Now, let’s get into the first step and conduct the hardware setup. 

Step 1: Setup the Printer Hardware

You may feel further threats and issues within the printer when not considering these steps mentioned below. So, always make sure to set up the printer hardware before initiating any wireless connectivity. 

  • First of all, you need to place the printer on a stable and flat surface. 
  • Make sure that the printer gets the Router’s network. 
  • If the printer is not getting the range of the router’s network then place it gently in another location. 
  • Ensure to remove and throw protective seals and tapes from the printer. 
  • You have to unbox it with utmost care. 
  • Once done, take out the printer from the box. 
  • Place it near an electric source. 
  • Electric switches should be in good condition as you don’t want to damage the printer. 
  • Take out the power cord from the box and remove tapes from this too. 
  • Consequently, use this power cord to provide a power supply to the Canon printer
  • After that, you need to switch on the printer. 
  • You can simply hit the “Power” button to do so. 
  • The Power Lamp will be lit now. Make sure that the light is stable to go further. 
  • Subsequently, try to prepare the paper tray of your printer. 
  • You may have specific paper sheets. Use them to load the paper tray. 
  • Just wait till the printer is initialized and aligned properly. 

Step 2: Network Configuration

After that, the user is required to configure the network settings on the printer to move a step ahead in the setting up procedure. Do some taps and hits on the printer just like mentioned in the steps below. 

  • Switch on the power source and hit the Power button from the printer to turn on your printer. 
  • The Power Lamp should be stable. 
  • Meanwhile, head towards the “Control Panel” of the printer. 
  • You need to now search for the “Wireless” push button.

how to connect canon printer to laptop wireless : press wireless button

  • Subsequently, press and hold the same button till the Wireless Lamp blinks. 
  • You can find the “Wireless lamp” on the right side of the Wireless button. 
  • Ensure to release it after the lamp blinks for one time. 
  • The lamp will now emerge a blue color light.  
  • Moreover, head towards the Router and try to locate the “WPS push” button. 

how to connect wireless canon printer to laptop : WPS push button

  • Press and hold the same for some seconds. 
  • Meanwhile, the lamp starts blinking without any interruption. 
  • Now, the printer is ready to search for all the available networks that are present within the specific range. 
  • You will see some blinking on the Power lamp as well. 
  • It implies that your Canon printer is trying to connect with the network. 
  • The blinking on the Power lamp and Wireless lamp will be stopped when connected with the laptop. 
  • Therefore, wait till the process accomplishes. 
  • Now, a stable light will emerge indicating that you can use the printer on your device. 
  • Don’t forget to check out the connected network before proceeding further with the use of your printer.
  • Alternatively, try to run a test print to examine the printer’s performance. 
  • Load some paper sheets to the printer’s tray for conducting the same. 
  • Then, choose the “Resume” button from the Control Panel of the printer. 

how to connect a laptop to a wireless printer canon : press resume button

  • Again, the light will start to blink. Make sure to wait till it blinks around fifteen times. 
  • You can easily get into the network information once the test sheet gets printed. 
  • In the end, you are only required to verify the filled details. 
  • The window should pop up the SSID or network name of your router. 
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Step 3: Setup the Laptop

Now, you need to set up the laptop. Make sure to connect the laptop with the same network that your printer uses. After successfully finishing it, move towards the later procedure and try to install the Canon driver from the steps provided below. 

  • To start, navigate towards the ij.start.cannonn.
  • Try to find out the related driver on the site. 
  • You can use the Printer’s model number and Laptop’s OS to find out the right driver. 

Canon driver download

  • Once done with that, hit the “Download” button. 
  • Similarly, search for the file that you recently downloaded. 
  • Now, just launch the downloaded file. 
  • Subsequently, the window named “Security Prompt” appears on the screen. 
  • Make sure to choose “Run” from there. 
  • Meanwhile, another window named “User Account Control” asks about your permission. 
  • Choose “Yes” to move ahead.  

User account control

  • Choose the preferred language from the drop-down menu displayed on the screen.
  • Select the “Next” button. 
  • Hit the “Yes” button when you are asked to install the .NET framework. 
  • Also, choose the appropriate “region or country”. 
  • Again, hit “Yes”. 
  • Go through all the instructions of the license agreement and hit the “Yes” tab. 

how do you connect a wireless printer to a laptop

  • If you want to install any other software from the list then choose it. 
  • Now, hit the “Next” button. 
  • Read all the terms of the Extended Survey Program and select either of these two options “Agree” or “Disagree”.
  • Selecting any of this would not impact the further procedure. 
  • Put a tick mark on the box named “Deactivate the Block”. 

Deactivate the Block

  • You can find it on the Windows Firewall Settings. 
  • Then, the screen will provide you with the steps to connect a wireless printer to a laptop
  • Just hit “Complete” to complete the setup. 
  • In the last, restart your laptop and you are all set to go. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I fix the printer not detected issue?

You can resolve the printer not detected issue by updating the drivers on your printer. Another way to resolve the issue is to use smart driver care. It improves the printer’s performance. 

2. Why my laptop cannot connect to the wireless printer?

If the laptop cannot connect to the wireless printer. Then, make sure to examine these things. Like:

  • Ensure that there are not any issues with the internet. 
  • The wifi should be connected to the printer. 
  • Place the printer near the router. 
  • Try to configure the security settings to stop the hindrances caused by third-party applications. 
  • Make sure to reconnect the device with the network. 

3. What is the procedure to add a printer to a laptop Windows 10?

  • Initiate with the right-clicking on the “Start” tab. 
  • Now, choose the “Control Panel” button. 
  • Go towards the tab named “Devices & Printers”.
  • Consequently, hit another tab named “Add a printer.” 
  • Tap on the following tab “The printer I want isn’t listed”. 

4. How can I get my PC to recognize my wireless printer?

  • Start the procedure by pressing the “Windows + Q” buttons together. 
  • Enter Printer. 
  • Next, hit the tab titled “Printers & Scanner”.
  • Now, choose the “Add a printer” button. 
  • Click on another tab titled “The printer I want isn’t listed”
  • Thereafter, choose to Add a Bluetooth, wireless, or network discoverable printer. 
  •  Once done, select the connected printer. 

5. How to connect a laptop to a wireless Printer canon?

Connect your laptop to a wireless printer Canon through these three steps. 

  1. Hardware Setup
  2. Network Configuration
  3. Laptop Setup

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