There are many causes for why there are a variety of reasons why the Canon Printer Not Printing exactly as it is ought to. If you are able to troubleshoot the printer, you will determine the cause of the issue in your printer. The software that comes with your printer has a wide range of options to fix the printer. When the cause of the issue has been identified, it is possible to resolve the issue that is affecting the printer. There is a wide range of solutions to solve the problem of Canon printers.

Printers that aren’t reliable at the time of need can be extremely frustrating and could end up being destructive as well. Imagine that you’ve not printed an important document, and your printer doesn’t print in time for your meeting with your boss or client. Aren’t you frustrated? We all know that, however, no one can trust the security of electronics. But you can trust our expertise in repairing the issue promptly.

The most common issue that users encounter every day when printing with their Canon Printers is Canon Printer Not Printing issues. If you’re a Canon printer owner and encounter the same issue you must know how to resolve this problem. If you’re not skilled enough to resolve printing issues in your printer If so, read this post.

Reasons For Canon Printer Not Printing

canon printer won t print

  • Print jobs are still in the printer’s queue.
  • Paper jams may hinder the printer’s ability to print.
  • The wrong drivers or wireless connections won’t permit printing printers.
  • The power supply for the printer has changed
  • The application for mobile printing isn’t synchronized using Canon’s printing device.
  • A shared network is not able to show your printer within the specified area.
  • Printers that are too numerous in the same network might not print due to the network’s congestion.
  • Canon printers are not used with the most current software.
  • The Passphrase is the primary key to an internet network is not accurate in its essence.
  • Passwords that are set up incorrectly.
  • Ventilation vents on cartridges have been found to be defective in nature.
  • The Canon printer heads that are on printing heads get dirty and require maintenance and cleaning.

How to Fix Canon Printer Not Printing – Canon Printer Troubleshoot

canon printer troubleshoot

We’ll supply you with the easiest Canon printer troubleshooting methods to solve the problem.

Canon Printer Network Reset

You must connect your wireless printer to the computer if you use a wireless printer and the printer becomes offline after a specific period of time and you need to connect it with a USB cable.

Set up networks in the printer’s control panel by using the wizard. Using the ” Wireless Setup Wizard” you can connect your printer to an internet connection after performing a ” Network Reset”.

  • Make sure the printer is tuned properly and then press the Setting Button.
  • When the device’s settings appear, hold and press the Right Arrow button, and then select “OK”.
  • Hold down the left arrow for a few seconds and then press it until the reset settings appear, then press OK.
  • Navigate using the navigation keys to the right, then select “OK” when the network setting appears.
  • Click the Left Arrow Image of Left Arrow and then click OK.

Check For Paper Jam

  • The solution is to get rid of the issue of canon printer won’t print because of jamming. Remove your printer’s front cover and remove the cartridge’s head. Get rid of the paper and then put the cartridge back in place. Set the printer to a new calibration or reset.
  • Verify that the installed drivers are not damaged by any means. If there is an issue with a driver, you need to upgrade to the latest version, then download and install the correct driver compatible with your device.
  • Canon printers typically fail to print due to an unreliable power supply which can cause problems when printing.

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Removing Queue Controls off your Printing Device

The printer queue on your computer could be overflowing with older documents that failed to print for a variety of factors. In simple words, you must eliminate the documents that you don’t want to view. To remove the files you don’t want to keep

  • Inside the Windows notification area Click on the icon of the printer.
  • Select the next option “Open all printers”.
  • You are now able to see the items in the queue.
  • For the items to function again, simply click any of the previous items, and then remove them.

Make Canon Your Default Printer

Make sure your Canon printer is selected as the default printer. If it is not, select your Canon printer.

  • Turn on the computer and open the Control Panel
  • After clicking the “printers and devices” option, you will now be presented with a window.
  • Ensure that the Canon Printer has been selected as the default printer.
  • Select “Set as default” from the “set to default” selection if your Canon Printer is not set as the default printer.
  • Make sure that you can see that the Canon Printer is showing a green checkmark when you have decided to use it as the default printer.

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Fix Canon Won’t Print Wirelessly

  • In the event that your Canon Pixma isn’t printing wirelessly Try restarting all the devices that are connected to it i.e. printer, router as well as system. Switch off every device, restart them.
  • Unplug the printer’s cable from its back and then disconnect it from the computer.
  • First, switch on the printer, and wait for some minutes.
  • Then, you can start your system. After it’s running, plug the power cable into your printer and then reconnect the connection.
  • After restarting your router connect the device and printer to the network.
  • After the system has restarted, you can try an experimental print to determine whether the issue has been fixed.
  • In addition, it is important to be aware of all printing projects that haven’t been completed but were waiting in the queue prior to.
  • Also, keep an eye out for any updates to the driver of your printer. Also, make sure the driver has been installed is up-to-date.


What’s the cause of my Canon printer is not printing correctly?

Drivers for printers aren’t accessible and printers aren’t capable to provide secure wireless connectivity to the network. An answer is to identify the issues with the printer device employing troubleshooting techniques, such as identifying problems that are difficult to fix and locating the right tool for troubleshooting, such as printing software.

What’s the reason my Canon printer isn’t printing even though it is empty of ink?

If the quality of the printed image is not as good or there isn’t any printing ink, the issue is likely to be due to, it could be because of one of the following reasons: The ink in the Bubble Jet (BJ) tank, or in the cartridge itself is depleted. The printhead nozzles inside the cartridge could become a blockage. A cap or tape to shield the cartridge could be put on it.

What can I do to fix my Canon printer that’s stopped working?

  1. The Quick Steps to Fix the Canon Printer Not Responding
  2. Reset your printer’s drive in order to fix the Canon printer issue.
  3. Switch off the printer, and then remove it from the wall outlet.
  4. Get the cable removed from the printer’s back.
  5. Let the printer rest for one or 2 minutes.

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