Canon Pixma TS8120 offers numerous features with the best print quality at a reasonable price and currently is the best pick for homes and offices. Whether it’s the WiFi Connectivity Feature, Duplex Printing, Mobile and Air Print, etc., the Canon TS8120 includes them all.

To utilize all the features provided by the Canon TS8120 printer requires a complete setup which includes the hardware configuration, downloading of drivers and wired/wireless setup. Hence, we’ve prepared this guide for you.

Throughout this ultimate guide, we’ll discover everything regarding the Canon Pixma TS8120, from its hardware configuration to driver download and wired/wireless setup etc. We’ve covered it all. So let’s begin.

Canon Pixma TS8120 – Hardware Configuration

The very first step in setting up a printer is its hardware configuration which is often ignored by users. However, an inappropriate configuration of your TS8120 printer may cause severe damage to your printer.

Canon Pixma TS8120 - Hardware Configuration

Therefore, perform the below-stated steps for configuring your TS8120 printer for an error-free printer setup.

1: Unboxing – The Canon Pixma TS8120 printer comes with fragile accessories that may get damaged if mishandled. Therefore, remove all the packaging tapes and carefully take out the printer and place it near a power socket.

Now, ensure if your printer box includes all the accessories such as Canon Pixma ts8120 ink  cartridges, power cable, etc. and then carefully remove the packaging tapes from your printer and its accessories.

2: Wire Connection – After unboxing the printer, it’s time to pick the power cord from the box and properly pair it with the power outlet and the Canon TS8120 printer.

Next, turn the power switch “On” and press the “Power” button on your printer as well. Thereafter, you’ll hear the printer’s sound and the led will start blinking.

3: Install Ink Cartridges – Once, the printer is in operation, lift up the printer’s lid and the Canon Pixma ts8120 ink cartridges will start moving from their spot. Thereafter, pull out the cartridges from the box and remove their packaging along with the orange protective film.

Now, make sure to match the ink cartridges by matching them with the printer’s cartridges slot and then install them delicately.

4: Attaching The Paper Tray – Finally, attach the paper tray of your printer and make sure to load compatible papers in order to perform a test page.

Now, that the hardware configuration is finished, users should perform the Canon Driver Download for utilizing their Canon TS8120.

Canon Pixma TS8120 Driver Download – Windows, Mac And Linux

Now, the next step in the Canon Pixma TS8120 setup is to download its driver which can be done using two procedures explained below:

Procedure 1: Downloading Via Website

Downloading Via Website

Following are the steps to download the Canon TS8120 printer driver for Windows and Mac via the website.

  • Firstly, load your browser, Safari or Chrome, Internet Explorer as appropriate.
  • Afterwards, navigate to Ij.start.canonn or Canon’s USA website.
  • Thereafter, tap on “Driver & Download” from the top-right section of your display.
  • Now, input “TS8120” for the Printer’s name and hit “Enter”.
  • Then, you’ll be moved to the driver download page of Canon TS8120.
  • Next, hit “Driver & Download” again and choose the OS accordingly.
  • Finally, complete your Canon TS8120 driver download.

Note: Do not install the driver yet, it should be installed while performing the printer setup which is explained down below.

Procedure 2: Downloading Via CD

The second procedure of downloading the driver via CD provides relief to users in case they encounter any internet connectivity issues. 


However, users must ensure if their CD ROM is in good condition and the setup CD of the Canon TS8120 is appropriate then follow these:

  • Firstly, open your CD ROM and put the TS8120 CD within.
  • Next, wait till the CD boots up.
  • Afterwards, launch “My Computer”.
  • Now, tap-right on the “CD: Drive” icon and choose “Open”.
  • Then, select the TS8120 setup file followed by a right-click on it.
  • Next, tap “Copy” and leave the “CD: Drive” folder.
  • Finally, visit the destination location then tap-right and choose “Paste”.

At this point, your Canon TS8120 driver is downloaded to your system via CD. Now, you can set up your Canon printer with your system either via USB or Wirelessly. 

Connecting The Canon Pixma TS8120 Printer Via USB

Connecting your Canon Pixma TS8120 printer to your system via USB involves the below steps:

  • Firstly, connect the USB with your system in an appropriate way.

Canon Pixma TS8120 - USB Install

  • Then, run the Canon TS8120 setup file.
  • Next, permit any prompted permissions.
  • Thereafter, begin to install the driver by following instructions.
  • Now, when the installation wizard prompt for connectivity method, choose “USB”.
  • Afterwards, tap “Finish” on completion of installation.
  • Furthermore, “Add Printer” to your system by tapping on “Start”.
  • Then, visit “Control Panel”.
  • Now, open “Device and Printers”.
  • Finally, tap “Add-Printer” and pick the “TS8120”.

Note: For adding the TS8120 printer on Mac, users must perform the same installation steps and thereafter add printer on their Mac by following:

  • Firstly, tap “Menu” on your Mac.
  • Thereafter, hit “System-Preferences”.
  • Next, click “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Finally, tap “+” and add the TS8120 printer.

Now, perform a test print to check any unforeseen issue with your Canon TS8120 printer.

Easy Wireless Connect For Canon Pixma TS8120 Wireless Setup

Connecting the TS8120 printer wirelessly to your system requires Easy Wireless Connect of your printer. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, power up the Canon TS8120 Printer.
  • Thereafter, press the icon “Home” on the printer’s panel.
  • Afterwards, visit “LAN-Settings” then “Wireless-LAN”.
  • Next, hit “Wireless LAN Setup”.
  • Then, tap “Easy Wireless-Connect”.

Easy Wireless Connect For Canon Pixma TS8120 Wireless Setup

  • Finally, tap “Yes” to enable the “Easy Wireless-Connect”.

Now let’s examine the procedure for connecting the Pixma TS8120 to your system wirelessly.

Canon Pixma TS8120 Wireless Setup On Windows

The wireless feature of the Canon TS8120 printer offers users to get rid of troublesome tangled wires and provides ease in printing images/documents via IOS and Android devices.

Set up your Pixma TS8120 wireless printer with your Windows system by these:

  • Firstly, confirm if your wireless router is active and connected with your system.
  • Thereafter, launch the TS8120 Windows driver file.
  • Next, execute the installation process till the “Select Connectivity-Method” prompts.
  • Now, choose “Wireless” as an option.
  • Afterwards, find your network name and select it.
  • Then, provide SSID and passwords for the network and hit “Next”.
  • Finally, finish the installation and click “Exit”.

Now, you can enjoy the wireless connectivity feature for the Canon TS8120 printer on your Windows OS.

Canon TS8120 Wireless Setup On Mac

The Canon Pixma TS8120 wireless setup on Mac vary from Windows. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, run the Canon TS8120 Mac driver.

Canon TS8120 Wireless Setup On Mac

  • Thereafter, agree to the requested permissions and tap “Start Setup”.
  • Next, carefully scroll the driver licenses and hit “Yes”.
  • Now, follow instructions until you reach for “Connectivity-Method”.
  • Afterwards, select your network and input its credentials.
  • Finally, tap “Next” and complete the remaining steps.

Note: If users face any issue while executing these steps, ensure if your WiFi router is active and paired with your Mac. 

Canon TS8120 – Android Printing

The Canon Pixma TS8120 comes with mobile printing that requires the installation of an app. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, connect your printer and Android device to the same WiFi Network.

Android Printing

  • Thereafter, visit “Play Store” and download/ install the “Canon PRINT” app.
  • Next, launch the app and select the document or photo which you want to print.
  • Now, tap “Print” on your device.
  • Finally, the printing will begin.

Canon TS8120 – IOS Printing

In order to use Pixma TS8120 for printing docs and images via your IOS device, follow:

  • Firstly, ensure if both the printer and your IOS device are connected on the same WiFi.

Canon TS8120 - IOS Printing

  • Thereafter, visit the “App Store” and start downloading the “Canon PRINT” app.
  • Afterwards, launch the App and hit the “Operation” icon.
  • Next, select TS8120 as the model name.
  • Finally, select the image/documents and hit “Print”.

With this, the Canon Pixma TS8120 setup finally concludes. In case you encounter any issue regarding the setup process, ensure to restart your WiFi router and repeat the stated steps. Or you can also check the Canon Pixma ts8120 manual.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How to reset my Canon Pixma TS8120 Printer Settings?

Reset your Canon TS8120 printer settings by:

  1. Power up your printer.
  2. Visit the “Home” screen of your printer’s panel.
  3. Then, hit on “Setup” and choose “Settings”.
  4. Now, visit “Device Settings”.
  5. Finally, scroll down and tap “Reset Settings”.

Q2. How do I scan on my Canon Pixma TS8120?

To scan on Canon Pixma TS8120, perform these:

  1. Load the document or image on the platen glass.
  2. tap “Scan” from the printer’s “Home” screen.
  3. choose “Save to PC”.
  4. Configure settings accordingly.
  5. Choose the document type.
  6. Use the black button for B/W scanning and color button for scanning in color.

Q3. How to fix the Canon TS8120 not scanning issue?

In case any scanning issue emerges on Canon TS8120, follow these:

  1. Ensure if the printer is active and connected to your PC.
  2. Clear any dust from the scanning plate.
  3. Reinstall the Canon TS8120 printer driver.

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