Canon TS5320 Printer is an All in One Wireless Printer with two separate cartridges. It is specifically made for home users who want to scan, print, and connect devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

1.44 OLED display & LED status bar offers the best view to check on the printer’s status. The printer goes beyond the conventional black color and is available in pink, white, and green. Styled while keeping the space of your home and office so that you can have the best work in minimal space. Other features like a hybrid ink system, dual-paper feeding, air print, and square photos provide a unique definition to its prints. 

The printer is an upgraded form of TS5120 that evolves into a home-office use. Not only the printer takes care of diverse printing needs but also offers an easier way to use it. You can easily set up the printer on your own and witness its dynamicity. To use this tool, you should aware of its hardware configuration, driver download, wireless setup, USB setup, and cloud print setup. So, let’s make a step ahead and explore these procedures in the guide below. 

Hardware Setup of Canon Pixma TS5320

We have to first set up the hardware parts of Canon TS5320 like ink cartridges, printer, cables, and a power cord. So, consider this thing conducting the wireless setup. 

  • Just check that the printer box is taped all around. 
  • Now, try to remove the seal carefully. 
  • Make sure to place the printer near to power outlet.
  • Examine that all the printers part has there in the box. 
  • Remove the tape from the power cord and connect it with the power outlet and printer. 
  • Thereafter, power on the printer. 
  • Led must blink at this time. 
  • Meanwhile, you are asked to set the preferred language and country. 
  • After fixing the power cord, get the ink cartridges. 
  • You need to pull the printer’s lid. 
  • Put the ink cartridges in specific slots. 
  • At this stage, the hardware setup gets finished. 
  • You can now download the related drivers to proceed further. 

Canon PIXMA TS5320 Driver Download

The obstructions can occur while printing if you have not downloaded the TS5320 driver. Therefore, try to download the driver via website or CD. 

Download PIXMA TS5320 via CD

The sealed box contains the CD too. You can use this CD to download the specific driver. Here are the steps that will assist you to conduct the same. 

  • First of all, just verify whether CD ROM is working properly or not. 
  • After that, unwrap the sealed TS5320 setup CD. 
  • Head towards the My Computer icon. 
  • Double-click on the CD Drive. 

canon ts5320 : CD Drive

  • Choose the printer setup. 
  • Make sure to perform a right-click on the same. 
  • Later, hit the Copy option. 
  • Close the CD drive window. 
  • Go to the desktop screen and perform a right-click there. 
  • Consequently, select the Paste button. 
  • The procedure is done now. 

Download PIXMA TS5320 via Website

If CD is not available then you can download the driver from the official site ij.start.cannon.

  • To do this procedure, you need to first verify the internet connection. 
  • It should be run smoothly. 
  • Thereafter, open the web browser. 
  • Navigate towards the Canon’s site. 
  • Select the Drivers & Downloads button. 
  • Afterward, try to find out the TS5320. 
  • Choose your operating system and start the downloading procedure. 

Manual Wireless Setup for Canon Pixma TS5320

Initially, the user needs to set up the wireless connectivity manually on Canon TS5320 so that the setup would be done easily on Windows, Mac, and other devices. 

  • Make sure that your printer is active. 
  • Navigate towards the Settings button on your printer. 
  • Select WLAN settings. 
  • Choose the OK button. 
  • Now, choose Change Wireless/Wired. 
  • Go through the list carefully and choose your WiFi connection. 
  • Enter the WiFi credentials and again connect the printer. 

Canon Pixma TS5320 Wireless Windows Setup

Now, let’s get started with the wireless setup of Canon TS5320 on windows. You can take the help of screenshots as well to understand the process easily. 

  • First, hold the wireless connect button of your printer. 
  • Try to launch the setup file that you downloaded. 
  • Now, hit the Start Setup button. 

ts5320 : start setup

  • Consequently, go through the network security notice. 
  • To proceed further, hit Next. 
  • The user is now required to read the license agreement. 

pixma ts5320 : license agreement

  • Hit the Yes button if you agree with the agreement. 
  • Make sure that selecting No will instantly stop the installation procedure. 
  • Thereafter, choose Agree or Do not Agree button. 
  • A new text will pop up after choosing Do not agree option. 
  • Hit the Yes button on Check the connection method window. 

canon ts5320 wireless setup

  • A new window titled SSID will pop up according to the network setup. 
  • You need to click on the drop-down list and choose your network. 
  • If you are not aware of the network then go through the documentation of the router. 
  • Now, provide the relevant password to continue further. 

canon pixma ts5320 : SSID Network

  • This will ultimately establish the connection. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Again, choose Next from another window. 
  • Tap the continue online button if you want to download and install any other software. 

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Canon TS5320 Wireless Setup on a Mac

Mac users can conduct the steps as suggested below to do this procedure. 

  • To initiate, press and hold the Wireless Connect button. 
  • Release it after the processing starts. 
  • Go through the setup file that you downloaded. 
  • Navigate towards the dock and choose the install button. 
  • Follow the guidelines carefully. 
  • The user is now required to launch the downloaded file named .dmg. 
  • Make sure to access the file only if the setup icon is not visible. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Next, provide the network password. 
  • Choose Install Helper from the bottom. 

canon ts5320 : install helper

  • Afterward, choose Start Setup and Next. 
  • Go to the License agreement window and hit Yes. 
  • Choose any of the tabs Do not agree or agree as it does not hamper the setting up procedure.
  • If selected Do not agree then hit OK from the next screen. 
  • Again, tap Next on the Connection Method window. 
  • Make sure to choose Allow from the keychain text. 

ts5320 setup on Mac

  • Consequently, the user is supposed to go through the drop-down list and choose an SSID network. 
  • If there is any query related to the network then go through the instruction manual. 
  • Enter the specific password of SSID. 
  • Hit Next on the Connection completed window. 
  • Tap Add Printer button. 
  • Choose Bonjour Malfunction to have the printer series. 

pixma ts5320 : select printer

  • Thereafter, hit the Add button. 
  • Choose Next.
  • Again, tap Next from another window. 
  • Move towards the Continue online option if want to download and install any other software.  

Canon TS5320 Wireless Setup on iPad and iPhone

If you want to establish a wireless connection of TS5320 to wireless devices then make sure to take help from the steps below. 

canon ts5320 : ipad and iphone setup

  • Navigate towards the Apple store. 
  • Try to download any of these apps SELPHY or Canon Print inkjet. 
  • Now, configure the printer to cableless setup mode. 
  • Choose the printer from the drop-down list. 
  • You will see a message after accessing the application. 
  • Just go through it carefully and hit Agree or Do not agree button. 
  • No matter what option you will choose, the setup procedure will be functioning. 
  • Select Allow while using the app to grant access to the location while running. 
  • Thereafter, hit the Search button. 

canon ts5320 wireless setup : search for printer

  • Choose OK when the text prompts. 
  • The printer will now start the search. 
  • Choose If Printer cannot be found when you see the text. 
  • Hit the OK button. 
  • Choose Join when the screen prompts with “Print wants to join wi-fi network.”

pixma ts5320 : “Print wants to join wi-fi network.”

  • Go through the list of networks that appear on the screen and choose yours.
  • Provide the password if you secure the network with a password. 
  • Again, hit OK. 
  • After a while, you will receive a text Settings information has been sent. 
  • Make sure to choose OK. 
  • Select the printer when the Register printer window comes. 
  • Subsequently, the printer’s information will be sent to the apps. 
  • Hit the Close button. 
  • You can conduct a print test by heading towards the Select images option. 
  • Choose the X button if you don’t want to print. 
  • Tap OK if you are asked to allow access. 
  • Now, upload images from the Smartphone option. 
  • Just ensure that you can choose around 20 images. 
  • Click on the image that is used for printing. 
  • After that, hit the Add option located on the top. 
  • If you want to view the image then hit Show selected. 
  • Swipe the image if you don’t want to print it.
  • You can deselect the image by hitting the checkmark button. 
  • Photo Locations window will pop up now. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Click No if any text appears. 
  • Choose the Print Settings button if you want to modify the settings related to paper size and copies. 
  • Head towards the Print button now. 

Canon TS5320 Wireless Setup on Android Phone and Tablets

Setup the Canon TS5320 on your android phone and access the prints without any wired connection. 

canon pixma ts5320 : setup on android

  • The user is first required to initiate cableless setup and easy wireless connection on the printer
  • Thereafter, try to download any of these apps SELPHY / Canon PRINT inkjet. 
  • Once downloaded, a license agreement display will appear. 
  • Tap the Agree button now. 
  • Again, you have to choose Agree for using services related to Canon products. 
  • Likewise, hit OK. 
  • Select Allow only while using this app when asked for accessing the device’s location. 
  • Hit Allow for providing access to the device’s media and photos.
  • Moreover, you need to click on the Search button. 
  • Later, you will be asked to set up Wi-Fi for your printer with its name. Make sure to click OK there. 
  • Simultaneously, hit Next when a new text occurs. 
  • Navigate to the Connect button once you receive the Device to use with Print.
  • Clicking on cancel redirect you towards the manual setup of the printer. 
  • Go to the Open Wi-Fi settings. 
  • Afterward, choose your printer model. 
  • Make sure to verify the printer name once you receive the text “the printer will connect to your wireless network”. 

pixma ts5320

  • Once verified, you can click on Yes. 
  • The printer and router should not be far away as they may hinder the further procedure. 
  • If you find issues while connecting the android phone with the printer then switch off the printer and place it closer to the router.  
  • Provide the password saved in the wireless router. 
  • To show the password, hit on the eye icon. 
  • Now, just hit OK. 
  • Meanwhile, a text “Settings information has been sent” will appear. Make sure to hit OK. 

ts5320 : setting information has been sent

  • The specific printer will be automatically added at this stage, however, if not then you will see the Register Printer window. 
  • Just wait till the printer model come and tap the same. 
  • These apps will receive information about your printer. 
  • Hit the Close button. 
  • Phew! The procedure is done now. You can test the printer’s performance by conducting a print test. 

Canon TS5320 USB Connection Setup

Many users might prefer to establish a USB connection with the printer. If this is your choice then take help from these steps. 

  • Navigate towards the Offical site of Canon ij.start.cannonn. 
  • Now, enter your printer model (Canon Pixma TS5320)
  • Try to download the driver. 
  • Later, you need to run the setup file that is downloaded. 
  • Make sure to hit the OK button. 
  • The user can download any other software as well if needed. 
  • Subsequently, choose the connection method by tapping on the USB cable.

ts5320 : USB connection

  • Then, with this cable, try to establish a connection. 
  • The procedure will be ended here. 
  • If you want to modify some changes then head towards the settings. 
  • If not, then make sure to print a test page. 
  • You can tap the menu option to select the document you want to use for testing the printer’s performance.  

Canon Pixma TS5320 Google Cloud Print Setup

The printer incorporates the cloud print feature as well. So, you can take benefits and print from anywhere at any time. Below are the steps that you need to conduct for Google cloud print. 

  • To initiate, make a Google account. 
  • If already have then just log in with the correct credentials. 
  • From your account, choose the Setting menu. 
  • Try to move the Pixma TS5320 to the advanced setting tab. 
  • Hit manage cloud print device tab. 
  • Subsequently, select the tab named Add printer. 
  • The instructions will appear to guide you for the further procedure. 
  • After performing all these steps, the screen will prompt with a new message. 
  • You need to provide the confirmation there. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why is my Canon Pixma TS5320 Printer Not Scanning?

If your Canon Pixma TS5320 not scanning then there must be these reasons behind it 

  • LED lights are not glowing steadily. 
  • The driver is not installed properly. 
  • Try to restart the printer and system as some unsaved changes could hamper the scanning. 
  • USB cable connection is not established correctly. 

2. How to fix Printer Offline Error Message while using PIXMA TS5320 from MAC?

If you see the error message Printer Offline then make sure to disconnect the printer from the MAC and network. Thereafter, try to reconnect and conduct printing. 

3. Is Canon PIXMA TS5320 compatible with all versions of Windows?

Canon TS5320 is compatible with all versions of Windows 8/8.1/10/7 and Mac OS versions from 10.6 to 10.14. 

4. How can I conduct Canon PIXMA TS5320 AirPrint Setup?

  • To begin, turn on the printer. 
  • Now, place the Apple device and Canon PIXMA close to each other. 
  • Then, choose the file that you want to print from the device. 
  • Go through the list and also choose the printer model. 
  • Check out paper size, print color, number of copies, and print range under the print settings. 
  • Thereafter, modify the print settings. 
  • In the end, hit OK. 

5. What to do when Canon TS5320 Printer is Offline?

Here are the consideration points that you need to take when Canon TS5320 shows offline. 

  • Restart the system or connected device and printer. 
  • Try to reinstall the Pixma TS5320 driver again. 
  • Verify the communication path between the system and printer. 
  • Make sure that you turned on the printer. 

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