Having a Canon TS3122 printer offers various features to its users, such as scanning, wireless printing, Air Print, etc. However, to make use of such beneficial features, users are required to perform the Canon TS3122 Wireless setup.

The Canon Pixma TS3122 wireless setup consists of steps including hardware configuration, easy wireless setup, and Canon driver download. Furthermore, we’ve included all these steps in this informative guide for you. So let’s begin.

Hardware Setup – Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup

Configuring the hardware is the first step in Canon TS3122 wireless setup. Therefore, ensure a proper hardware configuration by performing these steps:

  • Firstly, check the product box and ensure it is completely sealed.
  • Thereafter, unbox the Canon TS3122 Printer and take out the printer.
  • Next, check for any missing accessories.
  • Afterwards, put the Canon Pixma TS3122 on a flat surface.
  • Ensure, if the printer is near a power source.
  • Thereafter, take out the printer’s power cord from the box.
  • Now, connect it to the printer and plug it into the power socket.
  • Then, turn on the switch and your printer till the led starts blinking.
  • Set your region, language etc. on your printer.
  • Thereafter, open the printer’s lid for installing ink cartridges.
  • Take out the ink cartridges from the box and remove the orange tape.
  • Now, gently insert the ink cartridges into their particular slots.
  • Finally, load the paper tray.

Having done so, the first step in the Canon TS3122 Wireless setup is now complete.

 Easy Wireless Connect For Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup 

After configuring the Canon TS3122 hardware, users must manually perform their wireless setup via easy wireless connect for Canon TS3122 connect to wifi. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, turn on your TS3122 printer.
  • Switch on the “Easy-Wireless Connect” feature.
  • Thereafter, hold the “Direct” button.

Holding Direct Button For Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup

  • Now, release it when the WiFi logo appears.
  • Next, visit the “Home” screen on your printer’s panel.
  • Thereafter, visit “WiFi-Settings” and hit “Wireless LAN Set-Up”.
  • Now, hit “Ok” and opt for your WiFi Network from the list.
  • Finally, enter WiFi credentials and save settings.

Performing these steps will enable the “Easy Wireless Connect” feature and also resolve the user’s query on how to connect Canon TS3122 Printer to WiFi?

Driver Download For Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup

Now that the Canon TS3122 hardware setup and the Easy Wireless Connect is configured, only the Canon Driver Download is required. 

Furthermore, users can download the Canon TS3122 driver via two methods that are discussed in detail below:

Method 1: Using The Website

The Canon TS3122 driver can be downloaded either from ij.start.cannon website or Canon USA website. Here’s how:

  • Firstly, connect your system to stable internet.
  • Thereafter, visit the Canon website.
  • Type “TS3122” in the text field.
  • Press “Enter” and you’ll be redirected to Canon TS3122 driver page.

Canon TS3122 Driver Download Via Website

  • Hit “Drivers & Downloads” and input “TS3122” as your printer’s name.
  • Afterwards, you must select the OS accordingly.
  • Finally, download the Canon TS3122 driver into the destination folder.

Method 2: Using The CD

The second method of downloading Canon TS3122 Driver is using the CD. Furthermore, this method is beneficial in case the user is facing network connectivity issues. Perform these:

  • Firstly, ensure the proper functioning of your CD ROM.
  • Afterwards, proceed with inserting the TS3122 setup CD into it.
  • Thereafter, visit “This PC” and wait for the CD to be scanned.
  • Now, open “CD: Drive” and tap-right on the drivers’ files.
  • Next, “Copy” them and exit from CD: Drive.
  • Finally, right-click on the destination path and hit “Paste”.

On completion of these steps, the Canon TS3122 Driver will be downloaded to your system. Thereafter, users need to install them during Canon TS3122 Wireless setup which is explained below.

Canon TS3122 Wireless setup On Windows

Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup On Windows

To wirelessly set up your Canon TS3122 on Windows OS, perform these steps:

  • Firstly, ensure if you’ve admin credentials for the system.
  • Thereafter, connect your system to the same WiFi network as your TS3122 Printer.
  • Afterwards, installation of your Canon TS3122 driver is needed.
  • Launch the downloaded driver file of Canon TS3122 Setup.
  • Thereafter, click “Next’ and carefully read the license and agreement of the driver.
  • Now, to proceed further, select “Yes”.
  • Next, follow instructions and decide on “Wireless-Connectivity” when prompted.
  • Finally, finish the installation and reboot the system.

Note: In case you face any issue after performing these steps, try adding the printer manually in your windows by following: 

  • Firstly, click “Start”.
  • Visit “Control Panel”.

Tap Devices And Printers For Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup

  • Hit “Devices and Printers”.
  • Finally, tap “Add a Printer” and select “Canon TS3122”.

Now, that the Canon Pixma TS3122 wireless setup for Windows is complete, you need to perform a test print to diagnose any printing related issues.

Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup On Mac

 Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup On Mac

The Canon TS3122 Printer Wireless Setup on Mac is somehow similar to Windows. However, there are some steps that distinct from each other. 

Therefore, go through the subsequently listed steps to ensure a proper Canon TS3122 Wireless Setup on Mac.

  • Firstly, connect your Mac to the same WiFi network as your TS3122 printer.
  • Thereafter, visit the folder having the Canon TS3122 driver file.
  • Afterwards, launch it and choose “Install-Helper”.
  • Now, provide the sign-in info of your Mac.
  • Next, continue with installing the Canon TS3122 driver setup.
  • Then, opt for “Wireless” when prompted for connectivity type.
  • Thereafter, finish the installation and reboot your Mac.
  • Afterwards, click “Menu”.
  • Next, hit “System-Preferences”.

System Preferences On Mac

  • Then, choose “Printer and Scanners”.
  • Now, tap “+” sign from there.
  • Finally, choose TS3122 from the list.

Now that the Canon TS3122 wireless setup for Mac and Windows is complete. Users can enjoy printing, scanning and other useful features of their Canon TS3122 Printer. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why my Canon TS3122 won’t print?

The Canon TS3122 can’t print due to the following factors:

  1. If the TS3122 isn’t appropriately connected to the PC.
  2. The Printer and your PC are not connected to the Same WiFi.
  3. You’ve printed a document with an unmatched paper setting. 
  4. In case there is a remaining print job left for the printer.

The Canon TS3122 won’t print issue can be fixed via restarting the printer and system and clearing the paper tray. In rare cases, the reinstallation of the TS3122 Printer driver is required.

Q2. Why is my Canon TS3122 Printer not working?

The Canon TS3122 Printer can not be working because of inappropriate print settings, missing drivers, network connectivity issues, etc. To make the Canon TS3122 Printer, follow:

  1. Restart the TS3122 Printer.
  2. Ensure the network connectivity.
  3. Restart your wireless router.
  4. Ensure if the TS3122 is properly connected.

Q3. Why is my Canon TS3122 Printer not scanning?

In case the Canon TS3122 printer does not scan any document or photo, it might be because of inappropriate driver installation or network issues. Try the below steps to make it work again.

  1. Appropriately connect the Canon TS3122 wire to your PC.
  2. If using the wireless feature, check if both printer and system are set up for the same network.
  3. Reboot your PC then re-scan a document.

Q4. How can I adjust the print quality on Canon Pixma TS3122?

To Adjust the print quality on Canon TS3122 Printer simply follow:

  1. When printing a document or photo, select “Print Quality” from the print dashboard.
  2. Thereafter, Visit “Main” and hit “Custom”.
  3. Afterwards, tap on “Set” and adjust the Print Quality accordingly.
  4. Finally, hit “Ok” and save changes.

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