There is no doubt that the Canon printer provides the best printing results. Users have been using it for ages to meet all the printing requirements. However, like any other software, printers also bring errors when not configured properly. This guide covers one such canon printer error code 5012

So, if you have some problems while troubleshooting then ensure to read this whole post. You will get to know the reasons behind, the symptoms to identify and troubleshoot to fix the error by the time you reach the end. Now, let’s get started and explore the guide. 

Canon Printer Error Code 5012: A Quick Overview

Canon Pixma mx922 5012 error message

Canon Pixma printer error 5012 occurs on most versions of Canon like Canon TS3122, Canon MX492, Canon MG3020, Canon MX490, Canon MG2922, Canon MP160. It is also termed to be a Canon Pixma MX922 5012 error because of its occurrence on that version.

The error restricts the user to print documents and PDFs. The main cause of the error could be the jammed papers under the print head of the printer. As it interrupts the ongoing printing procedure so identified as a runtime error. 

Factors and Causes of Canon Printer Error Code 5012 

This disturbing issue occurs due to various reasons such as: 

  • The ink cartridge is displaced
  • Technical malfunction
  • Jammed paper under the print head
  • Installing a foreign material
  • Issues within the hardware
  • The printer is not installed properly
  • Inserting papers in a wrong way

These factors, later on, bring several nuisances other than the error text. You can move below to understand them. 

Symptoms of Canon Error Code 5012  

The Canon printer 5012 error restricts the user to perform various functions. You can understand them to develop a good understanding of the issue. 

Printer in error state screenshot

  • The printer pops with the error message “Printer in error state”.
  • Orange color light flashes on the alarm lamp
  • Not able to print documents
  • The printer stops while conducting the operation

Now, you need to conduct the troubleshooting to fix the issue. The section below covers the same. Hence, directly jump and make yourself aware of different ways to fix the issue. 

How to Troubleshoot canon printer error code 5012?

This section covers around 3 methods that you can easily conduct on your own. So, let’s get started and fix canon printer error code 5012.

Method 1: Reset the Canon Printer

We would recommend you reset the Canon printer as it can resolve various hardware issues. Get into the steps below to know more. 

  • To initiate, power off the printer. 
  • Consequently, hit the “Power” button. 
  • Now, press “Stop”. 

Cannon printer reset button

  • Again, tap twice on the “Stop” button while holding the “Power” push button. 
  • You need to wait for around 30 seconds. 
  • When you see the “O” sign on the display, head towards the “Stop” button and press it. 
  • After that, hit the “Power” button. 
  • Once done, tap it again to disable the printer. 
  • Next, just access the Canon printer.
  • Don’t forget to eject the USB cable. 
  • Just remove the power cord and wait for some time. 

After completing these steps, the user is required to conduct the factory reset. Follow the steps below to conduct the rest of the procedure. 

  • Try to connect the electrical cable. 
  • Once done, connect the system and printer with a USB cable. 
  • Head towards the system. 
  • Now, provide the print command there. 
  • Meanwhile, you can conduct the factory reset. 
  • So, hit the “Setup” button of the printer. 
  • Use the arrow keys to choose tabs and options. 
  • Consequently, head towards the “Device Settings” tab. 

Canon Pixma mx922 5012 error : device settings

  • Don’t forget to press “OK”. 
  • Choose the “Reset” tab and finally hit “OK”. 
  • Moving on, choose the “Reset all” button. 

Reset Canon settings

  • Again, hit “Yes” and “OK”. 

Reset Canon Pixma MX922

  • The printer becomes enabled now to receive the factory reset. 
  • Now, start with the procedure that you conduct during the installation of the printer. 
  • After conducting the process, just run a test print page and check whether the problem is fixed or not. 
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Method 2: Delete all Pending Print Jobs

mx922 5012 error : delete pending print jobs

Pending print jobs can be another factor responsible for this canon error code 5012. So, make sure to root out it with the steps provided below. 

  • To initiate, close the error text. 
  • Next, choose the “Start” button. 
  • Head towards the “Run” tab. 
  • Simultaneously, enter “Control Panel.” 
  • Make sure to tap the “OK” button. 
  • Select the “Open” option by performing a right-click
  • Tap the “Cancel” button to cancel the print job. 

Method 3: Examine the Printer

This is the third method in which you need to examine the printer hardware. 

  • So, start with checking out the jammed papers. 
  • If there are any then make sure to remove them as soon as possible. 
  • Also, ensure that you insert the ink tanks in the right position. 
  • Now, just remove the electric cable for around 20 seconds. 
  • Consequently, plug it back, turn on the printer and verify the error status. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Can I fix “Printer in Error State”?

There are lots of ways that you can try to fix the issue named “Printer in Error State”. 

  • Reboot the Printer
  • Printer Drivers reinstallation
  • Examine the paper and cartridge ink levels
  • Automating of Print Spooler service
  • Verify the connections between PC and printer

2. How can I reinstall the Printer Drivers?

  • To initiate, you need to disconnect the printer and PC
  • Access “Control Panel” on the system. 
  • After that, click on “Hardware and Sound”
  • Thereafter, choose “View devices and printers”. 
  • Try to locate the printer on the devices list. 
  • Ensure to perform a right-click on the printer. 
  • Tap “Remove” device from the list of options. 
  • Hit the “Yes” button when receiving a prompt of removing the printer. 
  • Your printer will install the drivers on its own. 
  • So, just make sure to establish a connection between your system and the printer. 

3. Why my Canon MX922 printer is not responding?

The Canon MX922 printer is not responding due to two main reasons. Such as: 

  • Improver connection between printer and PC. 
  • Using outdated drivers 


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