Canon MX922 Printer is an all-in-one inkjet printer. It can connect easily to a wireless network. The Canon MX922 Canon Printer Setup allows you to multitask with many additional features, including Cloud printing capabilities and a 35-sheet Duplex Automatic Document Feeder.

After setting up, installing, configuring, and activating the printer, it will be possible to wirelessly connect the Canon MX922 wifi printer to WiFi. In this blog post, we will enlighten you with helpful tips to solve the most common problems that you may have to face with the printer.

How to do Wireless Canon MX922 Printer Set Up?

canon mx922 wifi setup

Canon MX922 Printer and Canon MX922 install allow you to manually connect Canon MX922Printer with WiFi.

  1. Switch on your printer.
  2. Touch the Menu Button on Printer’s Control Panel.
  3. Click the arrow key for the WLAN configuration option. Then, hit OK.
  4. When the printer has looked for a compatible WPS network device with your printer, you can long-press WPS (about ten seconds) on your router.
  5. Select OK at the front panel.

Canon MX922 Printer Setup: Manually

Canon MX922 manually installation requires that you have an internet connection that is reliable. The following steps are required to manually set the Canon MX922 Printing Machine up.

  1. Turn on your MX922 printing device. Next, tap Menu from the printer’s control panel.
  2. To set up WLAN, use the arrow key.
  3. To proceed, press OK.
  4. Canon Pixma MX922 Printer searches now to find all available wireless network options.
  5. Keep the WPS switch on your router pressed for 5-10 secs
  6. To confirm your order, press the OK key located on the printer’s front.

Canon MX922 Printer Setup Using WPS

This is how to set up your Canon Pixma MX922 through the Windows Print Service.

  1. To access, click on the button WPS. Then hit the “OK” button.
  2. Then follow the instructions above to use the push-button technique. To confirm, press the OK button, then press the WPS (Wir).
  3. Print within 2 minutes. Click the “OK” button.
  4. Click the “Copy” key once the screen to your right is displayed.
  5. You have successfully connected the printer.

Canon Pixma MX922 Wireless-Printer Setup on Windows

  1. Start by turning on your printer, Windows PC or WLAN Router.
  2. Follow this link to connect your printer and wireless network.
  3. After that, you can download the driver from
  4. Once downloading is complete, follow on-screen directions to install the printer drivers software.
  5. Then, go to “Start Menu”.
  6. Open control panel
  7. Choose the Devices and Printers tab.
  8. Select “Add printer option”.
  9. The next screen prompts you to choose your network printing from the provided list
  10. Connecting Canon wireless printers Pixma mx922 to your Windows PC only takes a few minutes
  11. This test will verify that your printer was successfully connected.

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Canon Pixma MX9222 Wireless Setup in Mac

  1. Make your printer and wifi router work properly.
  2. Next, you will need to connect the printer to the router.
  3. Once the Canon driver has been downloaded, go to
  4. Go to the Apple menu.
  5. Select a System > Choose Printer or Scanner.
  6. From the bottom left side, click on +Add.
  7. Browse our printer list and choose the one that you like.
  8. Just follow these instructions to get your printer set up.

Using WiFi to Connect MX922 Printers

Connect Canon MX922 Printer to WiFi. Set up Canon MX922 Printer first. Follow these steps to connect Canon MX922 To WiFi.

  1. Turn the printer on
  2. Navigate the Settings menu using the button on the printer’s Control Panel.
  3. Select “Device Settings”.
  4. Set up WLAN settings, and then press OK. This will start the Canon MX922 WiFi setup process.
  5. Click on Change Wireless/Wired.
  6. Locate wireless routers among available network names.
  7. To enter your network key, click on SSID. This will allow Canon MX922 Printers (with WiFi) to be manually connected.
  8. If you’re having difficulty following the steps, there are options. Check out the Canon MX922 User Manual
  9. Such situations are quite common. A Canon MX922 Printer is also readily available.
  10. Instructions for printing (wired/wireless).

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Fix Canon MX922 Printer Error

Ij.start.cannon printer Errors such as 5100, 5012, and B200 are easily fixed if you can identify the cause.

Canon MX922 Printer Troubleshooting: Error 5100.B200.5012

  1. Canon MX922 Printer Error Code 5100 The packaging material can be removed from your printer.
  2. Canon Printer error # B200 is easily fixed. After turning off the printer, open the printhead and wait for the ink cartridges (or other items) to move to the right. The cover must be closed as soon it reaches the extreme right.
  3. To correct error 5012, you must restart the printer.

Instructions for how to reset the Canon MX922 digital printer

Below are the steps for resetting your Canon MX922 Printer.

  1. Turn your printer on and then open your Menu.
  2. Select Device Settings. Click OK.
  3. Use Rest Settings to save your settings and hit OK.

We have tried to cover all the technicalities and steps regarding the Canon MX922 printer wifi setup. I hope you could learn the process and apply it in real-time. You can do it without much of a hassle.

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