The Canon MX492 is called the best all-in-one small printer for homes and offices due to its compact size and loads of features that it offers. Furthermore, its wireless connectivity and time-saving features such as Printing wirelessly via various devices are its plus point. 

Moreover, with the help of the optional XL cartridges, you can print for a long duration without worrying about replacing your cartridges.

In this post, we’ll share everything regarding the Canon MX492 Printer whether its features, specifications, hardware configuration, or driver download, installation, and compatibility. So let’s begin.

Specifications and Features of Canon MX492 Printer

Canon Pixma MX492 Features and Specifications

Below are the features and specifications of the Canon MX492 Printer.

Features of the Canon MX492 – 

  • Easy Print, Copy, Scan, and Fax.
  • Maximum Color dpi of 4800 x 1200 
  • ADF, Image Garden Software.
  • Quiet Mode, Wireless Mode, and Auto Scan Mode.
  • AirPrint, Super G3 Fax, Borderless Photo.

Specifications – 

Brand Canon
Model Name MX492
Printer Output Color
Connectivity Wi-Fi
WiFi Standard 802.11bgn
Technology Inkjet
Duplex Automatic
Max Media Size 8.5 x 14 inch
Print Media Paper(Plain, Glossy), Envelopes, and High-resolution paper.
Print Speed (Mono) 8.8 ipm
Print Speed (Color) 4.4 ipm
Operating System Windows, Mac
Dimensions 11.7 x 17 x 7.5 inches
Weight 208 Ounce

Hardware Configuration of Canon MX492 Printer 

The hardware configuration of the MX492 printer may seem easy by looking at the Canon Pixma MX492 manual however, it requires precision for preventing any near future trouble. Furthermore, the following steps will help users in configuring their printer’s hardware easily and appropriately.

  • Firstly, unbox your MX492 printer and confirm the accessories along with the warranty card.
  • Then, lift the freshly arrived Canon Printer from the packaging box.
  • Afterward, lift your printer and put it in a nice flat and clean place.
  • Furthermore, tear and remove all the tapes from the packaging materials of the Canon Pixma MX492.
  • Now, establish the power connection by plugging the printer’s cable and cord into the electrical socket.
  • Next, ensure to remove all the tapes and protective film from ink cartridges.
  • Then, place the Ink cartridges into their respective slots by removing the printer’s lid
  • Now, put the A4 sheets in the input tray of your printer.
  • Finally, your MX492 Printer’s hardware configuration is complete.

Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup

Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup

Before installing the drivers of your Pixma MX492 printer, you need to set up “Easy Wireless Connect” on MX492. Thereafter, you should proceed with the Canon Driver Download for your Windows or Mac. 

  • Firstly, verify if the printer is active.
  • Then, tap the “Home button” of your Canon Pixma MX492.
  • Now, tap “Ok” using arrows (up, down, and side).
  • Next, LAN settings > WLAN, hit “Ok” on Easy Wireless connect.
  • Finally, go via the remaining instructions to finish the MX492 wireless setup.

OS Compatibility For Canon MX492 Driver – Windows

Below is the list of compatible OS for Pixma MX492 Driver on windows.

  • Windows RT
  • Vista SP1, Vista SP2
  • 8
  • 8.1
  • XP SP3 32-bit
  • 7
  • 7 SP1 

OS Compatibility for Canon Pixma MX492 Drivers – Mac

The list of compatible OS for Canon MX492 drivers in Mac are:

  • Mac OS 11
  • Mac OS 10.15
  • 10.7.5 to v10.10

Canon Pixma MX492 Driver Download – Windows

A driver helps in the full functionality of your printer and the Canon MX492 Drivers for windows. Furthermore, it can be easily downloaded through two methods.

Method 1 – From The Website

Canon Pixma MX492 Driver Via Website

If you didn’t receive a setup CD along with your printer then follow the steps below: 

  • Firstly, visit ij.start.cannon website.
  • Input, Canon MX492 as your printer name.
  • Next, press “Enter”.
  • Then, click “Download”.
  • Now, launch it.
  • Afterward, go through the guidelines of the setup wizard.
  • Lastly, finish the installation.

Method 2 – From CD

Canon Pixma MX492 Driver Via CD

  • Firstly, check the originality of your Setup CD.
  • Next, insert it into the CD Drive.
  • Now, open “My Computer”.
  • Then, launch the “CD Drive”.
  • Thereafter, launch the Setup.
  • Afterward, select language and region then click “Next”.
  • Now, read the conditions and if you agree, press “Yes”.
  • Finally, go along with the instructions and then complete the driver installation.
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Wireless Setup Of Pixma MX492 Via Wireless Router

To establish a wireless connection of the Canon Pixma MX492 printer via a wireless router go through the below guidelines.

  • Firstly, ensure to set up your router with the PC.
  • Then, turn the Canon Pixma MX492 printer ON.
  • Next, hit the “screwdriver” icon (setup).
  • Now, select “Wireless LAN setup” via the icon (left, right arrow).
  • Then, hit “OK” > Other Setup > “OK”.
  • Thereafter opt for “Cableless setup” >” OK”.
  • Now, download the MX492 driver.
  • Next, launch the MX492 driver file.
  • Thereafter, read the agreement, and tap “Yes” on agreeing.
  • Then, on the page “Printer connection method”, tap WLAN Connection.
  • Now, hit “Connect via wireless router” > Cableless setup > .NET framework.
  • Next, obey the instructions then, tap “Next” to finalize the set-up.
  • Then, go by the test print screen.
  • Finally, the cableless setup is finished.

Wireless Setup Of MX492 Without A Wireless Router

Canon Pixma MX492 Wireless Setup

To use the Canon Pixma MX492 printer without a wireless router, you have to go through the steps given below to establish a wireless connection using an Android device.

  • Firstly, switch on your MX492 printer. 
  • Then, use the button “Copy” from the panel.
  • Next, hit the icon “Setup” (screwdriver icon)
  • Now, launch “device settings” via the ‘Left, Right arrow”.
  • Next, tap “OK”.
  • Then, visit “LAN settings”.
  • Now, tap “Change-LAN”, > “Access Point Mode”.
  • Afterward, hit OK.
  • Moreover, check the SSID as well as the network key.
  • Now, install the app “Canon Print Inkjet” on your android.
  • Next, launch it.
  • Then, touch Add printer > Register Printer > Setup > Connection Method > Direct Connection.
  • Finally, follow the ongoing guidelines and finalize your setup.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1 How to Reset my Canon Pixma MX492?

To Reset your MX492 wireless settings, follow the steps:

  • Firstly, tap “setup”.
  • Then, hit “ok on the “Device settings”.
  • Now, tap “ok” on reset setting > LAN settings.
  • Finally, tap “Yes” and click “OK”.

Q2 Why My Canon Printer is Not Working? 

There can be several reasons behind this. Furthermore, to resolve this issue, check the steps:

  • Firstly, check if the plug and electrical cable of your printer is properly connected.
  • Then, verify the ready or active status of your Canon Printer.
  • Next, unplug the printer from the socket and reinsert it into the printer.
  • Now, turn on your device and check again if the issue is resolved.
  • Finally, if you still face the issue then, connect your printer via another socket.

Q3 Why is My Pixma printer not responding?

Your Pixma printer may not be responding if it lost the connection with your PC. Check the steps below to resolve this issue.

  • Firstly, turn off your Canon Pixma Printer. 
  • Then, after waiting for some time, unplug your printer’s cord then reinsert it.
  • Finally, Restart your windows or Mac.

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