Canon Printers are known worldwide for their quality printing and dependency. It is the most trusted and popular brand found in homes and offices. However, despite being so popular and efficient in their field, Canon printers still face some errors that need assistance. Many users recently reported the Canon Error 5100 issue on their system due to which they can’t print anymore.

The Canon Printer Error Code 5100 indicates that the ink cartridge is malfunctioning or the cartridge carriage is jammed. This can be repaired by flushing out the printer heads if there is a blockage. The steps depend on how severe the situation is. It is recommended that you follow this informational blog and perform the steps precisely to avoid any uninvited issues.

Here, we’ll provide you with the symptoms and reasons behind the Canon error code 5100 occurrence and some proven steps to resolve this issue permanently.

Which Canon Printer Models Show Canon Error Code 5100?

This error is most common in multifunction printers, but the PIXMA series printers mostly suffer from it. Users rarely search for solutions to Canon Error 5100 for printers other than the PIXMA model. You can resolve this error code in the models down below.

E500 IP2870 MP258 MX410
E410 IP2772 MP450 MX922
E510 JX210P MP287 MX432
G2000 IX6560 MP490 MX472
IP1700 MG4250 MP470 MX452
IP1300 MG2570 MX310 MX492
IP1880 MP160 MP600 MX490
IP1800 MP145 MX360 MX535
IP1980 MP237 MX340 MX497
IP1900 MP230 MX377 MX430
E610 IP2770 MP250 MX870
IP2700 MP280 MX397 MX439

What are the reasons for Canon Printer Error 5100?

Before repairing the Canon printer error code 5100, let’s first look at its causes. This will enable you to resolve the problem but also stop it from occurring again.

  • This error code can be generated if you don’t clean the outer parts of your Canon printer.
  • The second most common cause of 5100 errors is not keeping your Canon printer’s interiors clean.
  • This error code comes if your Canon printer’s ink cartridge isn’t genuine.

canon error 5100 due to ink problem

  • Are you cleaning the print head on your printer regularly? This error code will affect your printer if you don’t.
  • Make sure the printing paper that you use has the right thickness and size. The possibility of canon error code 5100 increases if you don’t.
  • This error code comes up if the ink cartridge has been incorrectly installed.
  • The 5100 error code can be caused by paper fragments stuck to your printer.
  • Unwanted obstacles in your machine’s path can lead to many errors.
  • A faulty FINE cartridge, or a FINE card that isn’t genuine cause this error code.
  • If you have unintentionally downloaded the canon software from some malicious website, use Ij.start.cannon website only.
  • This error could also be caused by an issue with your printer’s ink absorber.

Symptoms of Canon Error Code 5100

If you experience the Canon Error Code 5100 on your system, you’ll get many symptoms. We recommend you confirm these symptoms and then apply the given solutions.

  • The power lamp on your printer will start flashing frequently
  • You’ll notice some dirt on your printer timing strip
  • You’ll face problems in printing photos and documents
  • The Printer’s alarm lamp suddenly starts flashing orange
  • When you open the Printer’s lid, the FINE ink cartridges will move from their place.

Solutions To Resolve Canon Error Code 5100 

Below are some permanent solutions to resolve canon printer error 5100 forever. Simply follow these troubleshooting steps properly.

Solution 1: Reinstall the Ink Cartridges After Resetting the Printer

Canon error 5100 may occur after ink cartridges have been changed. It is possible that the cartridges have not been properly seated. To fix this issue, remove the cartridge from its place and reinstall it.

Reinstall the Ink Cartridges After Resetting the Printer

Follow these steps mentioned below if you are unsure how to install a cartridge correctly.

  • Turn off your printer first, then disconnect the power cable from its power outlet.  
  • Now, switch the Power button On, and after that plug the cable in.  
  • Next, hold down the power button and click twice on the Stop/Reset button. This will activate your printer’s factory mode.  
  • Thereafter, with the help of the navigation key on your printer’s control panel, get the Shipping Mode 3 to display the LCD screen. Tap on “OK” to select the option.  
  • You can also print a test page next by tapping on “Stop/Reset”, after you see the notification”Without Cleaning”.
  • Now lift your Canon printer cover with proper care. After that allow the cartridges to move to the right. After the cartridges have gone to the left, simply unplug the plug from its outlet.  
  • Next, remove both ink cartridges from the printer and close the cover.  
  • Wait until you see the message “Replace Cartridges” and then reinstall the cartridge in its original place.  
  • Lastly, wait for the printer to identify the cartridges.  
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Solution 2: Remove Paper Jamming To Eliminate Canon Error Code 5100

If you suspect that your Canon 5100 printer is malfunctioning, you need to check for jammed paper.

Remove Paper Jamming To Eliminate Canon Error 5100

There are many errors that can be caused by a paper jam in your Canon printer. The canon error 5100 can’t be an exception.

  • Firstly, make sure your Canon printer has not turned on. Turn it on in case it’s off.
  • Remove the cover from the machine’s paper output.
  • Ensure that the cassette has no paper.
  • Moreover, look for jammed pieces of paper in the “FINE Cartridge holder”.
  • To remove paper bits, you need to shift the “FINE Cartridge holder”.
  • If the jammed paper has been rolled, hold it properly with your hands. Carefully pull it out.
  • After you have removed all paper jams, close your Canon printer’s paper output cover.
  • Moving on, reload new paper.
  • Finally, use your printer as normal. The support code 5100 canon printer won’t trouble you.

Solution 3: Clean Dust From your Canon Printer’s Insides

Cleaning your Canon printer from the inside can help you repair the error 5100. Use a soft, clean cloth and some rubbing alcohol to do it.

Clean Dust From your Canon Printer's Insides

Attention: Be gentle when performing this repair. You could damage any part of your Canon printer by cleaning it harshly.

  • Turn off the printer if it is on.
  • Use a soft, clean cloth.
  • To clean the printer, rub the cloth on its outside.
  • Moving on, take a clean, lint-free cloth and some rubbing alcohol.
  • Use a lint-free cloth with rubbing alcohol to clean the printer’s interiors. Additionally, also ensure that you accidentally don’t move any hardware.

Solution 4: Replace the FINE Cartridge

Now, we will show you how to repair canon printer error code 5100 using the FINE cartridge. Ensure that your new cartridge is authentic while you replace it. The 5100 error code won’t go if it isn’t.

Replace the FINE Cartridge

Read the following instructions:

  • Turn off the printer.
  • Take off the front cover of your printer.
  • Thereafter, get paper output tray.
  • The FINE cartridge will move to the replacement pace. The headcover will also self-open. Next, pull out the FINE cartridge. Push the cartridge lever in a downwards position to hear a click sound.
  • Take out the protective packaging and the cartridge.
  • You can place the FINE cartridge by straightening it.
  • Now, the ink cartridge lever has to be pulled up.
  • Moving on, close the cover.
  • In the end: Check if the Canon 5100 error is no longer there.

Solution 5: Correctly Adjust the Ink Cartridge

The best trick to repair a canon error 5100 is to properly adjust the ink cartridge panel. These are the steps to properly adjust the ink cartridge panel.

  • Open the panel of ink cartridge.
  • Get out all the color packages.

Correctly Adjust the Ink Cartridge

  • Moving on, you will now need to install each color package one by one.
  • Once the color packages are installed, make sure they are securely placed.
  • Finally, then do a test print. If the page prints without an error code, the canon printer support code 5100 has been corrected.

Also, it does not matter if you have 5100 or CanonTS9120 Setup at your home/office, checking the ink cartridge is the most crucial step.

Solution 6: Fix the Alignment (If You Have Mac)

Canon error 5100 also takes place by the incorrect alignment after installing a new cartridge. The steps below will assist you in solving the alignment issue.

  • Firstly, load some sheets into the printer. Next, turn on the system.
  • Open the System Preferences section of your computer and then click “Print/Scan”. Now choose your printer.
  • Next, choose “Options and Supplies” for your printer. Select “Utility”. 
  • Afterward, hover to Printer Utility and select “Print Head Alignment”. Then, click Next. 
  • Next, click “Print” to print an aligned sheet. Finally, check the pattern printed.
  • Thereafter, obey the instructions to choose the best-printed number for each set. Click “Next” after you have selected each number of the pattern. Click “Next”. In case, you see no aligned patterns on any set then choose the closest number to the set and click “Realignment”.
  • Print one more alignment sheet, then analyze it. Finally, once the result is satisfactory, tap on the “Finish” button to finalize the alignment.  

Solution 7: Check Out the Cartridges Tapes

If you are experiencing Canon printer error 5100 after installing a new cartridge, but there is nothing wrong with the alignment or seating of the cartridges, then you need to examine the Cartridge Tape on the ink cartridge.

Check out the Cartridges Tapes

To prevent ink spillage, new Canon cartridges come with a protective strip. Many new users forget to remove the protective plastic leading to canon error code 5100 and other issues. If you discover that the tape is still in your cartridge, you will need to remove it to fix the problem.

Canon error 5100 comes up due to many reasons. We have explained all the reasons with permanent solutions as well. This post also explains how to prevent this error from happening again. Lastly, we genuinely hope the post helped you resolve your problem. 

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