Canon Pixma MX490 uses the CL-246 tricolor and PG-245 ink cartridges. These inks have been turned out the best sellers since their launches. Not only do they improve the printing quality but also minimize the expenses. The credit goes only to these inks for getting the most precise printing results. However, if the ink is running out then make sure to replace it with the new Canon MX490 ink. 

Well, PG-245 and CL-246 come in standard yield and high yield cartridge sizes. If you operate printing regularly then a high yield would be best. But, if there is no continuity then investing in the standard yield would be the right choice. Now, choose your preferences and replace the printer ink for Canon MX490. 

However, if you are not confident enough to conduct the operation then just dive straight into the guide. Make sure to take each precaution safely to conduct the operation. It should be noted that the CL-246 tricolor and PG-245 ink cartridges support various kinds of Pixma models like Pixma MG2520, Pixma MG2922, Pixma MG3020, Pixma MX490, and Pixma MX492. Therefore, you can replace the inks for these printers as well. 

Check the Canon MX490 Ink Levels

It is not recommended to initiate the replacing procedure without knowing the Canon MX490 ink levels. The ink should be at the optimum level for the smooth performance of the printer. If it is lower then only consider the replacement of inks. 

You can check the ink level from any of these two methods through a computer and LCD screen. Get into the steps below if you want to know the ink level. 

Via Computer

You have to go through each of these steps to check the ink for Canon MX490 on your computer. 

  • To initiate, access the window named Canon Printer Driver Setup. 
  • Once done, head towards the Canon IJ Status Monitor. 
  • Now, choose the Maintenance option. 
  • Make sure that you need to choose the View Printer Status. 

mx490 ink : check ink status

  • Consequently, a new window titled Canon IJ Status Monitor will prompt that provide you the level of MX490 ink. 

ink for canon mx490

  • If you are not redirected to that window then tap the Ink Details button. 

Via LCD Screen

If you are lazy enough to turn on the system and conduct the operation then use the printer only to examine the ink level via the LCD screen. Steps that needed to be conducted are: 

  • Ensure that your printer is switched on. 
  • Head towards the Control Panel. 
  • Just hit the Setup tab. 
  • Subsequently, a new screen Setup Menu will appear on the display. 
  • You can use the arrow keys for selecting different options. 
  • Once done, choose the Ink Information option. 
  • Hit the OK button when you receive the next prompt. 
  • Go forwards and backward with arrow keys and select the Remaining Ink. 
  • Again, hit OK. 
  • Now, the LCD screen will provide the status of the ink. 
  • This way, you will get to know about the remaining ink. 

Things to Consider for Canon Pixma MX490 Ink 

Well, there are certain things that a user needs to take care of before replacing the Canon Pixma MX490 ink. 

  • There should not be any stains and spoilage at the time of replacing these inks. 
  • If your printer is not functioning then make sure to replace the ink cartridges. 
  • Replacement should be conducted within 10 minutes of removing the old cartridge as it can lead to various other issues and problems. 
  • Additionally, avoid the touch to the printhead nozzle and electrical contacts of the cartridge. 
  • Don’t ever try to install a used cartridge as it may hamper the printer’s functioning and clog nozzles. 
  • Using a new cartridge would never fail the ink level detection. 
  • Leaving the ink cartridge out of the seals can dry out the ink inside. So, immediately conduct the procedure. 
  • Don’t rest in between the procedure as you may welcome some new threats for your printer. 
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How to Replace the Printer Ink for Canon MX490

Now, we would get into the replacement process and learn how to replace the printer ink for Canon MX490. 

  • Start the procedure by switching on the Canon printer. 
  • Once done, drag out the printer’s paper output tray.

canon mx490 ink : drag out paper's tray

  • Do the same with its extension as well. 
  • You need to now open the Printer cover. 
  • The printhead holder will now start moving. 
  • Just wait till it sits well on the replacement position. 
  • Don’t try to pull extra force and effort. 
  • Also, close the cover within 10 minutes to avoid sliding to the left. 
  • Sliding would also pop up an error text. 
  • If the error occurs then open the cover again. 
  • Subsequently, use slight force to push down the pre-installed Canon Pixma MX490 ink cartridge. 

mx490 ink : remove the ink

  • You will hear a click sound now. 
  • Once hearing the sound, try to carefully discard the cartridges.
  • Now, discard it from the pre-occupied place with utmost care. 
  • Once done, remove all the seals and unwrap the new Canon MX490 ink. It should be done carefully. 

printer ink for canon mx490 : remove tapes

  • Avoid the shaking of cartridges and do the task gently. 
  • Then, you need to discard all those protective tapes into the dustbin. 
  • The printer will function only when you install both the black and color cartridge to their specific slots. 
  • So, put the black cartridge in the right slot and the color cartridge in the left slot. 
  • Once done, put the cartridge in a slant position and insert the same to the specific holder. 

mx490 ink : place the ink cartridge

  • Pushing it too far can result in some threat to the device. 
  • Hence, avoid that situation. 
  • You will hear a click sound after pushing the ink to its right position. 

canon mx490 ink : insert the ink

  • Make sure to close the paper output tray when successfully conducting the operation. 

After configuring the ink cartridges, just conduct a test print page and check the working status of your printer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How to fix the issue while using an Original Canon PG-245 / CL-246 Cartridge?

  • To initiate, take the cartridge out of the printer. 
  • Make sure to clean the chip containing gold contact points. 
  • You can use the lint-free cloth or Q-tip to do so. 
  • With this, you will successfully remove all the residue that might cause the problem. 
  • After that, you need to replace the cartridge by switching off the printer. 
  • It would be good if you unplug the wire for about 10-15 seconds. 
  • After that, you can come back to the track of printing and conduct a print test page. 
  • Just check what results you are having after replacing the cartridge. 

2. How can I troubleshoot Spotty, Light, or Streaky Prints?

If you are getting spotty, light, or streaky prints then make sure to conduct the printhead cleaning operation. Most of the printers come with a built-in printhead cleaning feature to clean the clogged nozzle. Get into the steps below to improve the print quality and troubleshoot this issue. 

  • Head towards the printer’s display. 
  • Press the Setup button now. 
  • Now, hit the Maintenance option by using the arrow buttons. 
  • Hit the Ok button. 
  • Thereafter, you need to choose Cleaning
  • Again, hit OK. 
  • The printer will take around 30 seconds to conduct the cleaning procedure. 
  • You can run a print test page once the procedure gets over. 

3. How can I clean the cartridge with the paper towel method?

This is another manual method that you can consider to clean the cartridge. Make sure to get into the steps below and conduct the paper towel method. 

  • The user needs a dry paper towel and a damp paper towel. 
  • Make sure to fold them into quarters. 
  • Now, place the cartridge on the damp towel in a way that the printhead faces down. 
  • Some bits of ink will tip on the towel.
  • After performing the same activities for some seconds. 
  • Place the cartridge on the dry paper towel. It should face down again. 
  • This process will resolve the issue. 
  • After completing, reinstall the cartridge and conduct a test print. 

4. What is the Procedure to Resolve the Error Message while using Remanufactured PG-245 / CL-246?

  • The screen will bring a “low” or “empty” error message once you have installed the CL-246 or PG-245 cartridge. 
  • So, to resolve the error, you need to detach the cartridge and clear the gold contact points of the chip. 
  • Make sure to use a lint-free cloth or Q-tip. 
  • Now, try to reinstall the cartridge and press and hold the Stop/Reset button. 
  • You should press it for around 15 seconds. 
  • The error message may appear later that says “please wait a while”.
  • After a moment, you can print a test page and examine the error status. 

5. What are the technical specs for these PG-245 and CL-246 ink cartridges?

  • PG-245 XL High Yield Black : upto 300 pages, black color, pigment OEM. 
  • PG-245 Standard Black : upto 180 pages, black color, pigment OEM
  • CL-246 XL High Yield Tri-Color : upto 300 pages, Magenta, Yellow, and Tri-color Cyan, dye-based OEM. 
  • CL-246 Standard Tri-Color : upto 180 pages, Magenta, Yellow, and Tri-color Cyan, dye-based OEM. 

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