One of the excellent products that Canon offers is – Canon Pixma MG3620 which is loved by millions of people. And the Canon MG3620 wireless setup is so easy to complete that even newbies can do it quickly.

It’s a portable printer and ideal for those looking for a home-use inkjet printer. Moreover, it offers incredible features that enable users to perform their printing and scanning tasks literally in no time.

Not only this, just like many PIXMA series printers, Canon PIXMA MG3620 also allows you to connect easily to its Wi-Fi connectivity. Anyone can share the printer in the home or office without installing any cables.

This is why its setup process is straightforward and simple. But to make it extra easy for you, we will explain the Canon Pixma MG3620 setup via both and WiFi.

Let’s learn the process to connect your printer to a Wi-Fi network and enable it to work wirelessly.

Setup Procedure of Canon Pixma MG3620 

You can use three ways to establish Canon MG3620 set up: WPS Push Button way, Cableless Setup, WPS PIN Code. To help you, all three processes are rounded here. 

However, before proceeding with the Canon Pixma MG3620 software setup, there are some necessary checks. 

  • Firstly, check that the printer is “ON”.
  • To do this, check that the ON lamp is glowing.
  • If your printer is aligning the print heads or performing some other process, then finish that process first.
  • Hit the stop button if the printer’s WiFi lamp is flashing.

Canon Pixma MG3620 Printer OS Compatibility

  • Windows XP SP3 32-bit
  • Vista SP2, Windows Vista SP1
  • Mac OS 10.12(Sierra) or higher, Mac OS X v10.6.8- v10.9, Windows 10
  • Windows 7 SP1, Windows 7
  • Linux
  • Windows 8
  • Mobile Operating Systems: Android, iOS, Windows RT16

Pixma MG3620 Setup Preparations 

  • Hold your printer’s WiFi button until the ON lamp starts blinking.
  • Now push the color button and after that the WiFi button.
  • Once done, check that the WiFi lamp starts flashing quickly.

Moving on, come back to the application window to move ahead with the setup process.

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Step 1: Cableless Process For Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup

For Windows Users
  • Visit Canon’s website.
  • After that, find the product’s model then choose your operating system Windows.
  • Once done, tap on “Download” to start the WiFi setup procedure for Canon MG3620.
  • Thereafter you will get a download notification. Now save it.
  • After finishing the downloading, a notification will come reading “Click to Run”.
For Mac Users

For Canon Pixma MG3620 setup Mac, the steps are:

Cableless Process For Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup Mac

  • First, open Canon’s site.
  • Further, find the product’s model then choose your operating system, Mac.
  • Tap on “Download” to start the WiFi setup procedure.
  • After that, some messages will show up on your display.
  • Check them and click on “Open or Allow”.

Step 2: Using WPS Push Button For Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup

WPS Push Button For Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup

  • Hold your printer’s WiFi button until the ON lamp starts flashing.
  • Then, hit the start button.
  • Now, push your printer’s WiFi button.
  • Then check that the WiFi light is flashing quickly and the ON lamp is glowing.
  • Push the WPS button on your wireless router and keep holding it for 2 minutes.
  • Moreover, you will see that the “ON” and Wifi lights are glowing once the connection is established.

Step 3: Using WPS PIN Code For Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup

  • Firstly, press the WiFi button and keep holding it.
  • Then, you need to wait till you see the ON lamp flashing.
  • Once done, press again the WiFi button.
  • Moving on, hold “Stop” once the light flashes 16th time.
  • Later, release the “Stop” button.
  • Further, you need to set the WPS pin code. You can find it on the configuration page of the printed network.
  • As you do this, confirm that the printer’s WiFi light is flashing.

After performing these steps, you can easily do Canon MG3620 wireless setup.

Fixing Connectivity Issue in Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless

Connectivity problem is the most common issue people have with Canon Pixma MG3620 Wireless printer. If you’re having trouble connecting and need assistance, keep reading the useful steps:

When You Connect the Printer To A Different Connection with SSID

For Mac
  • Cease your anti-virus software or firewall first. 
  • Now, visit Apple Menu.
  • Then find your system preferences.

Canon MG3620 Wireless Setup on Mac

  • Then click “Printers and scanners”.
  • Additionally, press “Control” for opening the printer system list. Pick your printer and choose the minus button.
  • Moving on, restart your Mac.
  • Reinstall the printer drivers and select the right operating system.
  • Once done, restart your Mac.
For Windows
  • Firstly, if your printer is performing some other process, then finish that process first.
  • When your wireless indicator starts flashing, stop it.
  • Then remove the printer. For this, open “Control Panel” and then click “Devices and Printers”.
  • Now, click “Start”, then “Settings”, and after that “Printers and Scanners”.
  • Thereafter, uninstall the Canon Pixma MG3620 software from the window.
  • Finally, restart your PC.

Afterward, you can easily reinstall the printer software for Canon Pixma MG3620 wireless setup.

That’s literally everything to know about Canon printer setup MG3620 (wireless). Now you can quickly set up your printer without any hindrance.

Not only this, if you ever face any connectivity issue after setup, then just go through this post again. These solutions to resolve connectivity problems are efficient and easy to apply. We hope, this write-up helps you with all the steps required for Canon MG 3620 driver setup.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why My Canon MG3620 Can’t Connect To Wifi?

In case, your Canon Pixma MG3620 can’t get connected to the WiFi, follow these steps:

  • Check that, the printer is turned on.
  • Moving on, check MAC PC o Windows PC is properly attached to the same wireless router as your printer.
  • Once done, check that the router and your printer are rightly connected via the internet.

In case, the problem still persists, restart the router and printer.

My Canon Pixma MG3620 printer is Showing a Software Installation Error. How To Solve?

Software installation in your printer occurs because of the installation of incorrect or non-compatible drivers. To resolve it, you have to install the right printer driver software via the official Canon website.  

How To Reset Canon Pixma MG3620?

  • Go to “Control Panel”, find “Reset”.
  • Once you click the arrow key, select “Soft Reset”.
  • Thereafter, hit “OK” till you see the “Hard Reset” option.
  • Moving on, continue pressing it until you complete the hard reset.
  • Then, press “Home” on your printer and tap on “Setup”.
  • Now click “Device Setting”.
  • Lastly, hit “Reset Setting”. Press  “OK”. 

Why My Canon Pixma MG3620 is Unable to Print?

  • Firstly, check that the Windows PC is properly connected to your printer.
  • Now, disable the access point.
  • Put out the paper output tray to ensure that you have inserted it correctly.
  • Then, remove all unwanted print jobs.
  • Confirm that your system and the driver are compatible with each other. If not, then reinstall or update the printer driver.

How Can I Repair My Canon MG3620 Printer Not Flashing Wifi Light?

If your wifi LAN is turned off, you may experience a WiFi flashing problem. To repair this problem, follow these instructions:

  • Find the “WiFi” option on your printer.
  • Continue pressing it, till the lamp flashes.
  • Thereafter, push the color button first and then the black button. Now, again tap the WiFi button.
  • Moving on, the lamp will stabilize.
  • Lastly, your printer’s WiFi Light will start lighting and the wireless LAN will get activated.

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