The Canon MAXIFY MB2720 is specifically designed to fulfill the needs of home-based businesses. The printer offers several features like the schedule on/off, mobile printing, scan to cloud, scan to email, and air print and quick first print that save money and enable you to print instantly. 

Around one to four users can use this dynamic printer. The Quick first print can provide the result in just 6 seconds. Well, we have prepared this guide to help you out with the setup procedure so that you can take the best benefits from this printing tool. 

The entire guide is divided into sections so that you can jump directly. However, if you have zero knowledge of setting up this printer, try to begin from the first section. Now, let’s get started. 

Canon MAXIFY MB270 – Printer Configuration

If you are new to the Canon MB2720 then don’t worry as we will guide you to conduct the configuration process. Therefore, move ahead with the unboxing of the printer.

1. Unboxing:

It is the most crucial step that is abandoned by most users. You may harm the tool if not unpacked it smoothly. Hence, try to remove all seals and tapes carefully.

Make sure that all the related tools and accessories are provided with the printer. Check out the accessories first and then do some other stuff.

2. Wire Connection:

From the box, find out the power cord and connect it with the rear port. Once done, just turn on the printer. 

Some guidelines will appear on the LCD panel. You need to follow the further procedure by seeking assistance from them. 

3. Install Inks Tanks:

After that, open the cover located at the front to install the ink cartridge. Take ink package from the package and unbox them. 

With the instructions on the display, try to insert ink tanks. You can close the cover once done. 

4. Load Print Media:

Now, we will try to load print media to the paper tray. Try to use printer-supported media like A4 sheets. 

Don’t forget to fan the paper stack before putting it into the paper tray. Go through the paper guides to adjust these papers. Again, you need to refix the paper cassette for better operation. 

Now that we have successfully done the printer hardware configuration, it’s time to move further to download the Canon Maxify MB2720 driver. 

Canon Maxify MB2720 Driver Download – Windows, and Mac

Condition 1: Downloading Via CD

The printer driver CD comes with the package. The user requires to use it for downloading the driver. Well, any kind of internet connectivity issues will get easily resolved once configuring the CD. 

  • To initiate, access the CD ROM. 
  • Now, you need to put Maxify MB2720 CD. 
  • Just wait for the time till it boots up. 
  • After that, head towards the My Computer button. 
  • Perform a right-click on the CD: Drive button. 

canon mb2720 : open CD Drive

  • Afterward, select Open. 
  • You need to now perform a right-click on the setup file. 
  • From other options, choose MB2720. 
  • Click Copy and release the CD: Drive folder.
  • At last, navigate towards the location to paste the setup file. 

Once completing the procedure, you can easily connect the Canon MB2720 printer via wirelessly or USB. 

Condition 2: Downloading Via Website

If you don’t receive the CD then don’t get nervous as we are going to download the driver from the website. So, now, let’s get started. 

  • First thing first, accesses your browser. 
  • Navigate towards the address bar. 
  • Thereafter, type
  • Now, you will be redirected towards the official site of Canon “ij.start.cannon”
  • Find out the section named Drivers and Download. 

canon maxify : drivers and downloads

  • Consequently, type the printer’s name. 
  • Hit the Download tab. 
  • After the successful downloading procedure, go through the instructions carefully and try to install this driver. If the screen does not prompt with the steps then move into the setup procedure. 

Canon Maxify MB2720 Wireless Setup 

The wireless setup helps the user to perform the task without the cable. We need to enable the Wireless to connect feature of the printer. 

maxify mb2720 : wireless setup

  • Initiate the procedure by turning on your printer. 
  • Head towards the Home button now. 
  • Thereafter, you need to click on the LAN settings. 
  • Go ahead and choose Wireless-LAN. 
  • Proceed further and choose Wireless LAN setup. 
  • Consequently, choose Cableless setup
  • Enable the feature by hitting OK.

Now, we will try to connect the Canon Maxify MB2720 printer with the system wirelessly. So, move ahead with the next procedure. 

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Wireless Setup of Maxify MB2720 on Mac

Mac users can take the help from these steps to establish the wireless setup of the Canon MAXIFY. 

  • The user is first required to double click on the .dmg file that was downloaded earlier. 
  • Once done, launch the setup icon. 
  • Hit the Next button. 
  • Ensure to choose Start Setup.

canon maxify mb2720 : start setup

  • Go through the License Agreement screen and hit the Yes button. 
  • Now, navigate towards another window named Select Connection Method. 
  • From there, choose Wireless LAN Connection and choose Next. 
  • Simultaneously, choose Connect via wireless router. 
  • Again, click Next. 
  • Choose your printer from the printers on the network list. 
  • Make sure to check the printer through the last 5 digit numbers. 
  • Choose Next tab. 
  • Drivers are successfully installed. 
  • Just wait till the installation process is going on. 
  • From the window named Add Printer, choose Add printer tab. 

canon mb2720 : add printer

  • Thereafter, choose the MB**** series printer from the Kind column. (**** indicates the model number of MAXIFY)
  • Go to the Use: drop-down and choose the Canon MB**** series. 
  • Hit the Add button. 
  • Consequently, choose Next on the window named Add Printer. 
  • Hit Next from the Test Print Window. 
  • Again, choose Next on the Setup Complete window. 
  • Go through the software list and choose the software that you want to install. 
  • Meanwhile, tap Next. 
  • You can either complete or skip the user registration process. 
  • Once the setup is completed, hit the Exit button. 

Wireless Setup of Canon MAXIFY on Windows

Wireless setup has been in great demand because of the different advantages that come with it. You get rid of the tangled wires and conduct the printing while doing some other work. 

  • Run the file that you downloaded.
  • Likewise, hit the Start Setup tab. 

canon maxify : setup on windows

  • Follow the instructions given on the display. 
  • Choose Yes for license agreement. 

maxify mb2720 : license agreement

  • Tap Wireless LAN Connection from the Screen Connection Method screen. 
  • Hit Next. 
  • Thereafter, choose Connect via wireless router (recommended) option. 
  • Tap Next. 
  • Choose your printer and verify the same through the last 5 digits of the serial number. 
  • Move towards the bottom left corner and hit Next. 
  • Subsequently, wait till the driver is installed on your system. 
  • Choose the Execute button from the Test print window. 
  • It will run a test print, thereafter hit Next. 
  • Again, choose Next from the Setup Complete screen. 
  • From the Software Installation List, choose any of the listed software to install. 
  • Hit the Next button now. 
  • You will be redirected towards the user registration. Either skip or complete the procedure. 
  • If want to do the registration then follow the on-screen guidelines. 
  • Hit the Exit button and start printing.   
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How to Setup Canon MB2720 For Scanner WiFi

The user is required to set up the Canon MB2720 for scanner WiFi to scan the documents, images, and files.

canon maxify mb2720 : IJ scan utility

  • To begin, enable the scanner. 
  • Now, place any sample document on the scanner glass that you want to scan. 
  • Access your system and access the IJ Scan Utility.
  • Once done, choose the Settings button. 
  • You need to set the resolution and paper size for better results. 
  • After configuring all these settings, hit the OK button. 
  • Move towards the IJ Scan utility now. 
  • Thereafter, choose Document and initiate the scanning procedure. 
  • Finally, the setup for scanner wifi is done. 

Steps to Setup Canon Maxify MB2720 via USB

These steps should be followed for setting up MAXIFY MB2720 via USB. 

canon mb2720 : USB setup

  • Begin with turning on the printer and your system. 
  • Plug one end of the USB cable to any USB ports of your system and another end to the USB port of Maxify. 
  • Now, access the Start Setup page. 
  • Hit Next. 
  • Choose the USB connection option under the connection method. 
  • After that, add the printer to your system. 
  • Last of all, open any of your sample documents and conduct a test print. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How can I fix the Canon Maxify MB2720 Printer Offline Issue?

  • Navigate towards the Devices & Printers button. 
  • Perform a right-click on the printer. 
  • You will a tab named “see what’s printing”, just hit the same. 
  • Now, select another tab named Printer. 
  • Later, go to the Properties tab and choose Use Printer Offline. 
  • You can verify the issue status by closing this window. 

2. How Can I Install the Ink Cartridge in Maxify MB2720 Printer?

  • First, access the front cover of the printer. 
  • Just wait till the printhead holder comes in the center. 
  • If there is any existing ink cartridge then try to remove the same. 
  • Remove the sealing of the new ink cartridge. 
  • Now, place them safely on the required space or cartridge slot. 
  • While placing these inks, a click sound will emerge. 
  • This sound indicates that the ink cartridge is safely seated. 
  • At last, just close the front cover that you opened. 

3. What are the reasons behind Canon MB2720 won’t connect to Wifi?

The improper connection between Wifi and Canon MB2720 can occur due to any of the following reasons. 

  • Not using the right network key and SSID to establish a connection between the printer and wireless network. 
  • Fluctuating power LED. 
  • The Printer is turned off. 

4. Why Canon maxify is not printing?

Well, this could have happened if the printer and your device are not connected to the same network and the connection between them is poorly established. 

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