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Laser printers are quite popular and more reasonable than inkjet printers. Canon has an extensive range of best color laser printers as well as Inkjet. Laser printers are able to print thousands of pages using toner cartridges so, worrying about the replacements anytime soon is no longer an issue and the cartridges used in the Canon laser printer contain toner powder that prevents you from worrying about running dry or clogged ink.

Canon Laser and Inkjet printers both generate a label, a letter or a printed picture but both printer types are based on totally different technology.

In this article, we will discuss everything regarding the Canon Laser printer.

Advantages of Canon Laser Printer

Since a laser printer utilizes toner it is absolute for printing in high volume. It is commonly used for offices but can be proved as a reasonable option for using at home as well.

Following are some of the advantages of Canon Laser Printer

  • Quiet Operating – Canon laser printers are normally silent as compared to an inkjet printer.
  • Best-Quality Text – The quality and crispiness of the printed document you’ll get with the Canon laser printer will be unmatched.
  • Printing Speed – When it comes to printing everyone wants to get the print quickly and the canon laser printer will help you in that.
  • Cost-Effective: Over a period of time, the cost you pay for a canon laser printer will be less than replacing and refilling cartridges of inkjet printers.

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At a Glance – The Best Color Laser Printers in 2021

1 Canon ImageClass MF633CDW
2 ImageClass MF643CDW
3 ImageClass LBP622Cdw
4 Canon ImageClass MF628Cw
5 Canon ImageClass LBP841Cdn

In-Depth | The Best Color Laser Printers in 2021 

A common observation people make is that laser printers are only best for black and white text while inkjet printers are superior for printing anything in color.

If we talk about high-resolution printed photos with incredible depth and color tones, an Inkjet printer is better but as the technology has improved so much, the color laser printer can provide some high-quality color images. 

You can consider canon color laser printers by compromising a little on quality while enjoying the other benefits such as endurance, reliability and long-term cost savings.

If you run a business and print in bulk then canon provides you with the opportunity to choose from the best small office color laser printer. Some of them that are known as all in one color laser printers are below along with their features.

1. Canon ImageClass MF633CDW

Canon ImageClass MF633CDW - Best Canon Laser Printer

The Canon ImageClass MF633CDW has got the Design Award 2017. It comes with a 5-inch color touch panel plus you can utilize it wirelessly.

This Canon laser printer is capable to scan and print photos, docs and web pages via one app. It comes with an In-built PCL Language that makes the printer compatible with various business applications.

  • Output – Color
  • Photocopy – Yes
  • Scanning – Yes
  • Fax – Yes
  • 2 sided printing – Yes
  • Connectivity – Ethernet and Wireless
  • Print Speed – 18 pages per min.

2. Canon ImageClass MF643CDW

Canon ImageClass MF643CDW

The ImageClass MF643CDW comes with a 5-inch LCD color touch display along with the application library. It let you work more efficiently because you can store the frequently-used forms and print them directly from the device.

The QR code scan, this printer provides lets you connect to the correct printer while using Canon mobile app.

  • Output – Color
  • Photocopy – Yes
  • Scanning – Yes
  • Fax – Yes 
  • 2 sided printing – Yes
  • Connectivity – Ethernet and Wireless
  • Print Speed – 21 pages per minute

3. Canon ImageClass LBP622Cdw

Canon ImageClass LBP622Cdw - Canon Laser Printer

This Canon Printer is designed for convenience and quality. It has a 2.7 inch LCD display. It comes with a secure print feature that not only allows secure printing but also prevents files from being accidentally left unattended.

The Direct USB printing feature offers direct printing via USB memory devices plus the wireless printing and minimal maintenance charges is an additional benefit it offers.

  • Output – Color
  • Photocopy – Yes
  • Scanning – Yes
  • Fax – Yes
  • 2 sided printing – Yes
  • Connectivity – RJ45, USB Type-A and Wireless
  • Print Speed – 22 pages per minute

4. Canon ImageClass MF628Cw

Canon ImageClass MF628Cw - Canon Laser Printer

This Canon MF628Cw Laser printer has various features such as wireless connectivity, secure printing and an LCD display.

The Canon ImageClass MF628Cw is not only good for you but for the environment too.

It’s a 4 in 1 printer that only needs 2W to work in energy saver mode. Additionally, the Automatic Document Feeder works wonderfully. 

  • Output – Color
  • Photocopy – Yes
  • Scanning – Yes
  • Fax – Yes
  • 2 sided printing – Yes
  • Connectivity – Ethernet and Wireless
  • Print Speed – 14 pages per minute

5. Canon ImageClass LBP841Cdn

Canon ImageClass LBP841Cdn - A3 Canon Laser Printer

The Canon ImageClass LBP841Cdn is the best (A3) 11×17 color laser printer. It prints at amazing speed and its low consumption of power makes it an energy-efficient printer too.

This laser printer prints on both plain and coated paper from A3 to A5. And the Gigabit Ethernet connectivity that comes with this laser printer provides flawless Network Connectivity.

  • Output – Color
  • Photocopy – Yes
  • Scanning – Yes
  • Fax – Yes
  • 2 sided printing – Yes
  • Connectivity – Ethernet II and USB 2.0
  • Print Speed – A4 – 26 pages per minute, A3 – 15 pages per min.

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Reasons to Get Canon Laser Printer

Well, the Canon laser printers are ideal for those who have to perform lots of printing such as small-business owners. It’s ideal for those who don’t often print but want their machine to work perfectly the moment they use it.

To help you make a firm decision whether a laser printer is best or not for you, take a brief look at the following pointers to remove your doubts.

  • Canon Laser printer is simpler to maintain. Laser toner cartridges have the best thing that they don’t need to be changed as frequently as ink tanks, and they don’t clog – unlike inkjet print heads. So, even if you go months without printing, you still won’t see any issue.
  • They’re faster. Well, this is a c crucial point. If you have a home business, then you need extra printer speed than normal people. The Canon laser printer can pump out 25+ pages per minute. It is more than an average inkjet printer.
  • They print precise graphics and sharper text. No doubt, the best inkjets are good, but even a basic laser printer can offer you crisp results, particularly when it comes to small font sizes and fine lines. 
  • They are more economical in the long term. Some inkjets might offer you less cost per page but they waste extra ink on the cleaning process. Here, the Canon laser printer does not waste anything and therefore lasts longer.
  • Toner doesn’t smear even after getting wet. If you need such prints that are readable even after getting wet, then go for Canon laser printer only.

Reasons to Avoid Canon Laser Printer

Well, no doubt, there are tons of benefits of laser printers, but still, they aren’t for everyone. This is because not every good thing is good for everyone.

  • Inkjets are costly. A laser printer obviously costs more than an inkjet printer.
  • Their ink tanks are not affordable to replace. Even though toner cartridges last longer, but it is expensive to replace them. Here, laser printers lacks because replacing smaller and affordable ones seems easier.
  • They can’t print shiny/glossy photos. It’s true that laser printers can efficiently print good-quality photos on plain paper. However, they can’t print on matter photos or glossy paper. 
  • Besides paper, laser printers can’t print on any other stuff. Be it metal, CDs, and other media, laser printers can’t print on any of them. This is why they are less versatile for artistic types.

Wrapping Up

So finally, we have come to the end of the detailed discussion about the Canon Laser Printer along with other crucial aspects. 

Here you get to know why these laser printers are ultimately insane due to their features, long-term durability, high-quality prints, less ink wastage, 11×17 color laser printer, etc.

At last, we gave you a detailed comparison to help you decide if laser printers are for you or not. We believe now is the time to conclude this post and wait for your suggestions, tips about these printers down below.