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Canon IJ Printer Utility: What is it?  

Canon IJ Printer Utility

Utility software is used to evaluate, optimize, manage, and configure your printer in an efficient manner. Canon provides a variety of utility applications to its customers, including Canon IJ Printer Utility. This page is entirely dedicated to this useful program. You should read this entire post if you want to understand what tasks you can do with this application or if you want to learn how to activate it.

Canon Printer Software: How to Use It

Canon IJ Printer Utility is a fantastic piece of technology that lets you do a variety of activities in order to maintain your Canon printer running smoothly. You may use this program to perform all of the printer’s maintenance operations. You may also collect data regarding your ink supply, run print tests, adjust ink cartridge variables, and much more.

To get the most out of this program, you should be conscious of all the activities that can be accomplished with it. Have seen the list beneath for further information about this program.

1: Run a Print Test 

Customers are recommended to run a printing test in order to determine the state of their print heads. When you use the Canon IJ Printer Utility, you can perform a tip check print to find out whether your print head is functioning. Upon receiving the print, check the ink or any specific colors to determine if they have faded. You should clean your print immediately if it starts to fade or smudge the color.

2: Alter the Power Setting

Power management for the printing machine is yet another challenge. Directly from your device, you can turn on and off the printer. The printer’s power settings can also be adjusted to minimize electricity consumption. Your printer can be turned on and off via the Auto Power feature.

3: Printer Cleaning 

To maintain the printer running for a long time, maintain it free of dust and other hazardous materials, as well as clean the insides. This is required for smudge-free printing as well as the cleaning of any blocked print heads. This tool program allows you to cleanse your printing device’s ink cartridges and thoroughly clean the print head jet. Even if your printer’s ink cartridges are full, it’s a good idea to use this feature if you’re getting a weak print. If the problem with your print head persists after the thorough cleaning, you can perform system cleanup. 

4: Obtain Ink-level information 

This is yet another crucial function that allows you to obtain all of the necessary data regarding the printer’s ink level. By never delivering the instruction while the ink is low, you may extend the life of the printer. To obtain a better understanding of a printer, you may also receive an estimated time the ink cartridge will last.

5: Other Activities 

You may use your utility software to do a lot of different tasks. These features include the ability to decrease printer sound by selecting the silent mode, switching amongst various printer operation conditions, adding and removing print job IDs, and far more.

Steps for Canon IJ Printer Utility Download

Canon IJ Printer Utility Download


  • Go to the Canon Support page for Canon IJ Printer Utility Download
  • Within the search box, you are required to enter the Scanner model.
  • Pick the model from the drop-down list when it appears on the screen
  • Make sure the operating system you are currently using is selected under the Drivers and Download section. 
  • Find your ICA or TWAIN driver under the Drivers tab according to the printer model. Right next to the driver listing is a Select button.
  1. PIXMA MX722 and MX922 are models that already include the IJ Scan Utility with the TWAIN driver. 
  2. In some models, such as the canon pixma TR7520 and TS6120, there are no drivers to download for the scanner, and AirPrint is used instead.
  • The file will be saved to your computer once you click Download.
  • Upon completion of the download, double-click the file. On the desktop, you will find the disk image. Start the driver installation by opening this file, followed by the package (.pkg) file.
  • Complete the installation by following the prompts.

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How To Launch Canon IJ Printer Utility?  i

Canon IJ Printer Utility application is typically included with Canon MP Printer Drivers. This program is downloaded when you download the printer driver. You may also look for it by using the model number of your printer. After you’ve downloaded the program, you’ll need to run it on your computer to manage your printer. Unfortunately, very few printer models are functional with this utility program. If your printer doesn’t really accept Canon IJ Printer Utility, you may still utilize the user interface to keep your printer running smoothly.

1: Launch in Mac OPerating System 

  • You must first switch on the printer before you can start the launch. You may simply accomplish this by hitting the power switch on the Canon printer’s control panel, which itself is located someplace on the control panel.
  • You must now go to the Apple menu on the computer. When you select the “Apple” shaped symbol on the screen, the menu will appear.
  • When you select the symbol, a drop-down menu of options appears. Select “System Preferences” from the drop-down menu by moving your mouse over it.
  • Following that, your screen will display any of the available selections. These settings will vary depending on the version of the Mac operating system you’re using.
  • Print and Scan
  • Fax & Print
  • Print & Scanners
  • After you’ve launched the utility program, you’ll need to choose your Canon printer. After that, pick “Open Print Queue” and then “Utility” from the toolbar.
  • The Utility panel will now appear on the screen. The very first thing you’ll see on the window is the printer’s name. Select it, then pick the “Maintenance” tab. The lower-right side of the dialogue box is where you’ll find this tab.
  • The Canon IJ Printer Utility will now be launched on the computer. All of the remarkable features will now be visible. You may select any of the tasks you want to run and then accept the on-screen instructions to finish the procedure.

2: Launch Canon Printer Utilities On Windows OS 

  • The method begins with a check to see if the Canon device is turned on.
  • After expanding the input tray, insert paper of the proper size inside it.
  • The next stage is to launch the system’s Printer Driver Setup window.
  • Choose the account that you use often. From the Frequently Used Settings menu, select the Quick Setup tab.
  • When using Canon IJ Setup to select a printing configuration, the Extra features, Media Type, and Paper Size settings are reset to their actual numbers.
  • Depending on your needs, the printing resolution should be adjusted to High, Standard, or Basic.
  • The setup procedure must be completed by following the on-screen instructions.
  • To save your settings, choose OK.
  • Visit the File tab and enter a document that you wish to print with the Canon printer.
  • To print any papers, go to File > Print.

Last Words!

Here we go! All the above information related to Canon IJ Printer Utility is one of the amazing software that assists the user to assess, arrange, manage and improve the function of the printer you are using to print for your business or oyster personal work. Hopefully, you liked this article, and it helps you to understand the context explained above.